I have always been an advocate of travel as a means of enhancing mental wellbeing.

There comes a time when we begin to feel overwhelmed with life’s daily challenges. Sometimes you may be worried or down about the things that could be going on in your life. Several factors affect our mental wellbeing. From the loss of a loved one to unemployment or discrimination, the impact of these factors on your mental health is very significant.

Having a sound and focused mind is very important for your mental wellbeing, and one great way of achieving this is by going on a romantic trip vacation. 

Yeah! You read that right. While going on a vacation can be quite exhilarating and riveting, traveling with an intimate partner may very well be the best way of improving your mental wellbeing. Many couples have always assumed that traveling with their better half is not for them.

Considering they would have to take care of the kids and work to pay for the bills. However, you could go on the perfect romantic getaway with your kids and come back refreshed and energized to face your job demands. The main reason for romantic trips for couples to spend quality time together away from distractions. 

A 2016 Travelers Sweet Spot Survey revealed that 38% and 34% of women said that romantic vacations are the best vacations. Several romantic gateway hotels and resorts you can visit to relive a memory-filled experience with your partner. 

I understand you would be itching to find out how cuddling  on a sunset beach, thousands of miles away, can help your mental wellbeing?  

Lower Work Stress 

The correlation between work stress and emotional wellbeing is real. For a lot of people, stress can affect their mental health by making them depressed and anxious. Spending a romantic timeout with your partner can reduce work stress, thereby leading to better mental wellbeing. Once you have a good mental health, your ability to cope with life’s daily hassles increases.

Make sure you leave your work at home. A study by MyPerfectResume shows that 82% of people work while on vacation. Your vacation needs to be your time to unplug. Leave the laptop at home and recharge yourself.

Imagine waking up to a morning of breathtaking views in a resort in the cuddle of your partner. Taking a romantic trip helps take out your stressful daily routine and set you in an environment that renews your body and mind. The goal is to have a sharp mind and renewed vigor to face life’s daily challenges. 

Improve Physical Health

Traveling on a = trip is one of the best things you can do for your health. Getting on the road to visit exotic locations is very beneficial in many ways you could ever imagine. The amount of movement you would put in while on a romantic trip is very significant. 

And guess what, movement helps in so many ways, including a healthier heart and lungs and weight loss. From diving to mountain climbing and hiking, couples can engage in activities that promote excellent physical and mental health.

A study conducted at the State University of New York revealed that middle-aged men who frequently go on trips had a lower overall death rate, especially from heart disease. 

Similarly, women who engage in romantic trips tend to enjoy improved mental health. They are often less stressed and depressed, leading to overall sound quality of life and mental wellbeing. 

Increase Happiness 

Exploring the world can be a wonderful experience. Doing it with the one you love is bliss. A new study published in the Journal Tourism Analysis showed that travel plays a significant role in our emotional wellbeing.

The result showed that people who travel are likely to have an overall satisfaction in their lives. Similarly, the journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life indicated that the participants experienced a substantial increase in happiness by just planning a romantic getaway. Those looking at honeymoon ideas experienced a huge increase in happiness and had a more optimistic view of the future.

Love is a beautiful thing, and sharing quality time with the one you love can leave unforgettable memories. These moments of genuine joy can evoke a feeling of intense happiness, thereby helping to improve your mental state.

Improve Intimacy 

One of the most crucial benefits of going on a romantic trip is to deepen the bond between you and your partner. A great way to enhance intimacy is going on a romantic journey.  

A survey by the US travel association showed that travel boosts romance as it provides couples time to talk, reconnect and share new experiences. A romantic getaway provides a change of scenery and a break from the routine of busy schedules and chores.

Physical and emotional intimacy play a significant role in our mental health, so I learned from my romantic getaway.