White Label GPS Server Platform a Large business with thousands of subscribers around the world or monitoring the location of vehicles, cargo, boats, and people was never easy before the advent of GPS servers tracking system.

GPS tracking system makes easy the management of history, reports, events and notifications along with proving custom billing, remote controlling of devices and tracking applications.

There is a huge number of GPS server platforms available in the market but only a few of them are trusted and used in each corner of the world. White Label GPS Server platform lies at the top among them.

The full-featured GPS tracking platform is specially designed to provide extended functionality and better usability with intuitive design.

White Label GPS server platform is the best tracking software for both personal and business use. It comes with a user-friendly environment and strong admin panel, which let you monitor and control users and sub-accounts, manage devices, tariff plans and determine and define available features for each user.

 White Label GPS Server Platform, the best product of GPSWOX, is loaded with features as per requirement of time. The tracking software is highly compatible and supports 900+ GPS tracking devices. More importantly, if your device is not available in the list of compatible devices you can easily add it by contacting customer service.

What makes White Label GPS Server platform so famous among users?

White Label GPS Server is a result of tireless hard work of highly-qualified and experienced personals, whose aim is to develop the best products for their users.

White Label GPS Server Platform using advanced algorithms and methods to facilitate its users. This is the reason it has 100k+ of users around the world along with a huge number of customers who have started their own tacking business with White Label GPS server Software.

White Label GPS an awesome product of GPSWOX offers best plans for personal or company use for relatively low price and extended features. It also offers all in one solution for tracking business and app for iOS, Android and Windows.

The environment of White Label GPS Server:

The tracking Software comes with an easy and powerful platform. It lets you register and start your tracking system within 5 minutes. With a powerful admin panel, you can manage and control a variety of things like services allocation to the individual user.

The software comes in 30+ languages to work easily within any country of the world. It can be used to track vehicle, bike, boat, mobile, person, pet, etc.

Silent Features of White Label GPS Server Platform:

  • Uses TCP/IP and UDP protocols for communication
  • GPS server provide alerts, reports, sensors, and others
  • Compatible with all most every device and operating system
  • Comes with easily desktop and mobile application
  • Provides real-time tracking
  • Allows multilevel access and Multi-target tracking
  • Saves history
  • Provide licenses for a lifetime
  • Allows you to build own tracking system
  • Allows customization

If you are looking for the best tracking system, none other but white label GPS server platform is the best option for you.


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