The rapid pace at which contemporary technology is advancing can be downright nauseating. Many people consider the 21st century not to be the digital age, but rather the age of constant disruption, wherein their lives are made just as difficult as they are easier by machines. With the right attitude and knowhow, however, technology doesn’t have to be a burden, but can instead improve you physically and mentally.

Here are some of the ways that you can leverage technology to better yourself, and what you need to know to improve your physical and mental attributes.

Technology is a tool, not a miracle

It’s important to establish upfront that technology is nothing more than a tool, meaning it can’t be expected to miraculously improve your life without some effort on your part. In other words, advanced technology is only useful insofar as those wielding it understand how to do so properly. It’s thus worth brushing up on some of the ways that you can use technology you likely already own to become more efficient in your daily life.

By relying on your smartphone, laptop, or other digital devices as tools for daily scheduling, for instance, you can drastically cut down on the things you’ll need to mentally remember. There are plenty of productivity applications for contemporary smartphones that help you in almost every aspect of life, whether you’re shopping for groceries, trying to find nearby services, or keep track of your personal appointments. If you’re not mastering how to leverage smartphone apps to up your productivity, you’re just making life harder for yourself.

Digital technology isn’t merely a replacement for the pen and paper of old, however, but can also be utilized in unique ways to help you exercise better. By relying on wearable technology you can keep a better track of your exercise regime with a good digital customer experience and keep a close eye on your vitals while you work out. Fitness trackers and wearable technology won’t instantly eliminate all of your body fat, but they can provide immensely useful information according to some experts and recent studies.

Using technology to monitor your daily caloric intake and energy levels, for instance, and to plot a healthy sleep schedule for yourself can all drastically improve your physical health and mood. Similarly, you can also hone your mental skills by using language applications and quiz games on digital devices whenever you have some free time.

Taking life into your own hands

More than anything else, technology helps us take our lives into our own hands and is thus an essential tool for improving the material, physical, and mental state of our lives. You can use technology to keep a track of your mood, which will help you when you’re reflecting about your daily priorities and the stress you encounter in your work and personal life. You should also consider taking up a digital journal, which can be even more private and secure than a traditional one. Writing your thoughts down on a blog is a great way to destress and clear up your mind after a long, arduous day’s labor. You should be using the tech available in your daily life to increase your awareness of what’s going on around you, too. By staying up to date on the latest news and accessing insightful troves of information online, you can make sure that you’re an informed citizen in an era where personal responsibility is more important than ever. By relying on your smartphone for scheduling and monitoring yourself and by leveraging digital resources when it comes to learning and de-stressing, you can drastically improve your physical and mental station in life.


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