Music has so much power, and it makes people feel a wide variety of different emotions. Why does music tug at your heartstrings so much? Understanding music could be much simpler due to technology becoming more advanced. Many people feel that machine learning technology has the potential to demystify music and give humanity a greater understanding of why music makes people feel such strong emotions. 

Predicting How Songs Will Make You Feel

The basic idea behind this technology is that machine learning will be able to learn how certain songs make people feel. Studies have been done that show that people will reliably have similar reactions to certain songs. Machine learning technology has the ability to learn from the data that it is receiving. This means that it can be given data about how you feel about a song and will then be able to reliably predict how another type of song will make you feel. 

Over time, this type of machine learning technology could have enough data to predict how different genres of songs will make people feel. It will get it down to a science so that certain songs will be understood on a different level. This could also help artists to create songs for a specific purpose while understanding the impact that the songs will have on the people who listen to them. Being able to know that a song will make you feel a twinge of sadness before even listening to it is an interesting idea. 

Practical Applications for This Technology

There are actually several practical applications for machine learning technology when it comes to music. If you are able to more accurately predict how songs will make you feel, then it will be easier to choose songs to listen to based on your mood. There might be certain circumstances where you will want to induce particular emotional states. For instance, you might want to get pumped up right before a big sporting event so that you can do your best. 

Conversely, machine learning could help you to find the most relaxed songs for you to listen to before you are supposed to go to sleep. This technology might seem a bit unnecessary to some people, but it does have uses that will positively impact people’s lives. Whatever you think about machine learning doesn’t really matter, but it is true that it will be used to help understand music and what impact it is going to have on you in the future.

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