math learning

We are living in an era where technology has revolutionized the whole world. You must know about the facts about how technology has changed our learning environment so far. You can easily recognize the changes that modern technology has caused the entire world.

These changes can be seen in mathematics also. Let’s discuss the ways how technology has made learning math concepts easy.  There are many shreds of evidence where you can know about the facts that are only due to technology.  

Math without technology:

If you incorporate technology in mathematics you’ll see how things are easy and hands-on due to it. In the past students were unable to use the calculator and other math’s learning concepts which they can do nowadays.

Previously they had to focus on all the facts and figure manually. They manually performed division, multiplication, and addition to solve their question and to gain the sum. This seems quite difficult but this is true and has occurred.   

Technology and math:

 You can easily differentiate the modern world with its advancement in mathematics and other subjects as well. Different websites are available nowadays to keep you updated regarding math concepts. The best thing that now is available is to use the calculator to perform your calculations instead of the manual method.                

Moreover, you can use multimedia and projectors to enhance the process of learning. Multiple websites help you to clear your concepts regarding math. There is an interesting fact that you can perform automatic computations.

Interactive visualizations:

This is an important way to know the importance of technology in mathematics. Researches have shown that vision can easily stay in your brain and it increases your learning process. You can use projectors or other visual devices to enhance learning.

When you use visual like diagrams with the plane formulas this makes them longer lasting to remember.  Moreover, there are multiple websites like CALCULATORED which students and teachers can use to enhance learning math.

Connect math concepts with the world:

This is the best idea to encounter with your students. Teachers can use the technology to tell their students how they can use these concepts in their daily life. There are some ways you can give your students to apply math and other learning concepts in everyday living.

For example:

When you give a question to your student to solve it, they try their best to solve it. You can give them questions that are based on their daily living instead of bookish questions. This helps them to implement their newly learned concepts into a practical context.

What is circumference?

The circumference is the process used to measure the boundaries of the circle. This is also known as the perimeter of the circle. There is a simple concept to understand this. When you put a straight line throughout the center of the circle. This is the circumference of the circle and circumference can be measured in centimeters and meters.

What is Rectangle Area?

If a rectangle is covered in a two-dimensional plane in a region this is known as an area of the rectangle. You are well aware of the shape of a rectangle. It has four sides and four apexes. This falls under the category of 2d shapes. All the four sides of a rectangle contain right angles.

Technology and deep mathematical learning:

There may be two types of learning concepts. Ione is content-specific and the other is content-neutral. These concepts can be specified in context with the technology.

The content-specific concept included the websites and apps that contain content and visuals as well to help the student to better understand.

It also contains a virtual manipulative that helps to better understand the whole concept instead of simple content. This may be more beneficial than physical manipulative techniques. This also includes the number of lines and number of frames. This makes them easy to use for both the students and teachers.

The Content-neutral technology concept included tools that have virtual use. These tools include whiteboard and handheld clickers. Moreover, it also contains student collaboration apps. The virtual whiteboard has multiple uses. For example, it promotes the concept of self-reflection activities. It helps you to understand your mistakes on the spot. 


There we have discussed how technology has made learning math concepts easy. Moreover, we have also discussed the circumference of the circle and rectangle area. As technology has changed the whole universe, likewise, technology has created changes in the field of math. 

This has made it easy to solve questions for both the students and teachers. Moreover, this has helped them to understand the concepts easily because it enables them to use visual and virtual manipulations.