Ever since technology became a major part of society, it has made an impact on many areas, including the lives of leaders. If you don’t think so, then consider these three ways that technology impacts leaders and see that it continues to play a part in the lives of millions.

More Communication Methods

When you use technology, you have more ways to communicate with your team members. Yes, you can meet and discuss things in person, but this isn’t always an option. It’s nice to have technology to talk when you’re far away.

Try to use emails or text messages as a way to talk with each other. Emails work for tracking information and sending long messages, but texts work well for urgent situations. Make sure to use technology to improve communication.

Lead While Away

Leaders can’t always be around their team, so technology allows you to lead while you’re away. On top of using technology to communicate, you can continue to guide your team members. This includes sending them documents or other information.

Even if you have time zone differences, you can still find ways to lead your team. You can even hold meetings by calling them or using a video chat program. Look into different ways to use technology to lead your team even if you’re outside of the state or country.

Easily Track Work

Technology gives you a way to track your team members’ work and what they contribute to the group. This helps you to keep them accountable, collect everything that you need and remind your team members about different tasks that they need to complete.

This way, if you notice that someone takes on too much work, you can do a better job of spreading it out evenly. You can make sure that no one gets overloaded by having your team members share the workload.


Technology stands out for its ability to help people with success and make things easier in different aspects of life and society. If you’re a leader, then make sure to take advantage of technology so that it can make your job easier while continuing to have an impact on your work.

This article was originally published at JoeShew.net.