How technology is not the monster people think it is when used in moderation.

Often times, technology is seen as something bad in today’s world with technology at our disposal 24/7.  I think we see it a monster, when in reality it can be used in moderation to benefit people and their lives.  There are so many ways that are far more beneficial than harmful.  It allows us to reconnect with people in ways that we couldn’t have thought of. It might be used to solve cold cases and bring some justice and closure to families. That is amongst many other capabilities.  

I think people often think technology is bad because it’s so easy to access. But I don’t think people realize the benefit as previously mentioned.  It can be used for so many good things done in moderation. As a society we need to look at technology as a good thing and not as the monster we make it out to be.  Because at the end of the day, it’s not.  Let that sink in and remember to use technology when you absolutely have to.  Use the rest of your time building new    relationships and reconnecting with old friends.  I think if we did this, we could have a healthier relationship with technology.   We can build a stronger, connection with one another and realize there can be balance with these things.  We can see the benefits this can have on families and society as a whole.  I think if this could be practiced in households, over time we would start to see a decrease in the use of technology.  We would start having a real connection with one another and    little by little.  Our view on technology could change. If we allowed, it to We do not need to be glued to something all the time just because its right there in front of us technology it   is not the bad guy here it is our window to the world use it wisely and safety.