Jonathan Hawkins might have taken years to realize who and what he was really meant to be, but the realization of the same couldn’t have come at a better time. Today, realtors are mostly seen by the rest of the world as people who are just after the money, and rightly so because that is how they present themselves. Jonathan is now changing the narrative by simply being a storyteller. His passion to help others while maintaining a high level of personal success has inspired this shift of doing business that everyone should learn from – not only realtors. Here is a brief insight into Jonathan Hawkins’s different way of doing things.

Telling Facts vs. Telling Stories

According to Jonathan Hawkins, realtors who want to make a difference in their businesses and personal lives as well should stop telling facts all day. They should instead start mastering the art of telling stories. Speaking about this subject, Jonathan says, “I am helping realtors tell their story, not only to help grow their business but to finally be the one to stand up against the disrupters.”

So what does Jonathan Hawkins really mean when he refers to the shift from fact telling to storytelling in a bid to change the narrative in the real estate industry?

Realtors across the board think that the industry is about selling, selling and more selling. You might be thinking the same, but Jonathan doesn’t. He has actually proven that being an agent in the real estate industry is more about touching lives. It is about creating an emotional connection with clients, and showing them how to live better. When this reality dawned into Jonathan’s life, his way of doing business changed. His revelation has led to a conviction to do whatever it takes to help others – he is a storyteller, a game changer and life transformer. It is for this reason that thousands of realtors around the world are coming to him through his company – The Hashtag Agent – so that he can show them how to play the game differently.

Disrupting the Disrupters: How Jonathan Hawkins Does it Differently

As much as hard work has its part to play, Jonathan believes there is something more. Refer back to where I mentioned disruptors. These are the people who bring a new approach to real estate – the people who have come to do it differently, and to get rid of the real estate agent as we know them. These so-called industry-changers promote a cheaper product, an “easier way,” and they are hiding the truth about it. But why have they become so popular? People believe their stories.

Jonathan Hawkins is a different kind of disruptor, seeking to change the industry from the inside out. He advocates creating four pillars to build your business on, which a lot of agents do not show through social media – personal, brand, community, real estate. We have all seen the facts – how an agent will help sell a house in 5 days, how they are all number one and more. Looking at Jonathan Hawkins’s success, it will only take you 5 seconds to know he’s the man you should be hiring (that’s a fact by the way). He, however, doesn’t dwell on that. Instead, he tells stories, but not just any stories – he tells stories of not only how you can upscale your real estate business, but also how you can live the life you want alongside being a successful business person.

We all want to achieve a balanced version of success; whether it be in our business, or in our personal lives, milestones, and achievements. We do not want work to come before family, we want to be good husbands, wives, sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers, and still, be at the top of the league in the industry. He makes this happen by helping agents create their “macro content pillars”, giving them strategies, focusing on providing value, and doing things differently.

Setting You Apart From The Pack
Jonathan Hawkins teaches everyone in the real estate industry to set themselves apart. His approach begins by showing you how to tell stories that are relevant, simple, authentic, and with the right structure. By adopting this principle, you present yourself to clients as a person who wants to help others rather than one who is just after a good commission. Clients also see you as someone who is really knowledgeable about what he/she does and as such, the go-to person in matters relating to real estate and general life as well. When you tell stories, people connect with you in more than just business. They are able to draw inspiration from you since they can see the human aspect of you. Remember, it’s not about the leads, it’s about the relationships.