I am an Earth sign: Capricorn all the way. While I put very little stock in most of the astrological discussion, I can see the heaviness of the Earth energies in my personality. This leads me to naturally gravitate toward nourishing the lower set of chakras: my root, sacral, and solar plexus tend to get regular love while the third eye and crown are a bit neglected.

Recently I’ve begun writing on an upcoming book and it has brought the importance of the higher chakras back into view. The crown chakra has many important functions: not just a metaphorical (or literal) connection to the divine.

The crown chakra is not just about connection to the divine, it is about self actualization.

Philosophical advancement.

Improvement of everyone: self and community

While the lower chakras deal with survival and coming into one’s own, the philosophy around the higher chakras deals with taking this understanding and applying it to help others. The throat chakra governs communication. The third eye deals with intuition and perception. The crown is the final achievement: the ability to then apply everything learned to support others.

A healthy crown chakra will normally lead someone to wanting to contribute to their community in meaningful roles that the person alone could fulfill.

Imbalance in the crown chakra can cause an individual to be suspicious of others. They may be concerned that others are just looking for handouts or that others would not reciprocate.

Quick ways to help to restore balance in the crown chakra include:
1. Meditate every day
Even if you are extremely busy, it is possible to take twenty minutes and meditate.
Use traditional meditation methods to work on clearing your mind from the chatter.

2. Incorporate floral herbs into your tea
Lavender, chamomile, and rose can all be added to a tea for crown chakra nourishment. Flowers have an airy vibration that are calming and strengthening.
Essential oils blends that include floral scents can also be helpful: diffuse or dilute them in a carrier oil for topical use (always use the lowest effective amount and heed all safety precautions!).

3. Wear amethyst, clear quartz, or charoite
Having a bracelet or necklace with amethyst, quartz, or charoite can create a strong healing affect on the crown chakra. There is a beneficial subconscious component to utilizing stones in jewelry, as you can put the necklace on and let it do its work without having to think about it.
Any purple stone will work and you can multiply the benefits by wearing purple clothing, eating purple vegetables, or having purple furniture. 🙂

Use these tips to strengthen your crown chakra, then mindfully begin finding ways to support your community with your newfound balance. 🙂

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