5 signs to watch for to know you’re on the right path.

Have you ever wished you could just have five minutes to talk to your loved one who has passed away to get their input on a conflict or a problem?  

I know I would give anything for those five minutes.  I miss the direction, advice and wisdom these wise souls once offered to me here on Earth.

But there is a way to continue to receive their guidance. 

When our loved ones pass away, their energy reintegrates with Divine energy, much like we do when we meditate.

When we ask our loved ones or the Divine for a sign, we receive them. 

These simple tokens of faith can help guide us through some of our most challenging circumstances. Have you ever taken a moment and asked for your loved one or the Divine to send you a sign?  

Most of us have.  I know I do almost daily. 

 Our angels are here giving us signs every single day.
They want to show us love and support.  They also want to help guide us along our way. 

We often function at a pace too fast to recognize these majestic signs of love imparted upon us.

Today we are going to slow down together and dive into the many ways your signs are showing up for you. 

I am constantly seeing angel signs and I have to say, it makes me feel so supported, so guided and so incredibly loved.

This week, we’re going to cover five ways the Divine communicate with us:

1) Coins- We receive pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, even dollars, sometimes.

Be sure to pay attention to your thoughts or actions at the time of your discovery. The amount that you find is in direct correlation to the significance of the message.

All of these are beautiful signs of love but noting the amount helps to add more meaning to your sign and offers a stronger direction for your life.

The greater the monetary amount, the stronger the message.

You may have read my Did you find a penny today Love Letter, where I found a $10 bill wedged in my car seat after a very pivotal meeting. This is how we know we’re on course.

We are guided there. 

2) Feathers- As you begin to watch for these beautiful signs, you will begin to find beautiful feathers everywhere. Take a picture or begin a collection of them to keep in your home. 

Acknowledge when you receive them and confirm the guidance that you have heard the message and know that what you were just thinking about is incredible important.

Feathers are powerful.

3) Music- Do you ever turn on the radio and your loved one’s special song is playing or the words in the song are the exact words or guidance you need to hear?

That is the magic and beauty of the Divine.

The Divine uses this beautiful music to guide you and direct you.

Acknowledge and give so much gratitude for this incredible guidance. I will always say thank you and often sing as loud as I can in the car because I know I’ve just received incredible and timely Divine guidance.

A little red light dance never hurts.
4) Butterflies and Hummingbirds- Have you ever noticed a butterfly or hummingbird will just happen to fly by when you are contemplating something?

When you are surrounded by these beautiful creatures, know your angels are close by saying hello, supporting you and sending you so much love. 
5) Numbers- This is one of my most favorite angel signs. Do you ever find that you start seeing the same number over and over again?

111, 555, 1234?

Do you “happen” to look at the clock at 1:11 or 11:11 every day?

These are all angel signs and they are giving you a specific message about your life. 

There are many sites that help interpret these numbers.  Doreen Virtue has a great book and app called Angel Numbers 101 or there is a great website called www.sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com that gives a great description of the numbers without any cost. 

I’m so grateful for the direction and communication I am able to receive from the Divine using this beautiful number system.

Sometimes our loved ones surprise us with these signs but we can also ask for them. 

In E-cubed, Pam Grout calls this space the Field of Potentiality where we receive what we ask for. 

Ask for a sign. Ask for guidance.

Pam Grout challenges us to ask for one specific item to show up within 48 hours. 

I have done this many times and it works. 

Perhaps you ask to see an hourglass. The image of an hourglass may show up as a billboard, in a commercial or a magazine ad. It will show itself to you within 48 hours.

Not sure about all this? Experiment with me.

Ask for something to show up and let me know how quickly it reveals itself in your life. 

You will be amazed. 

When you expect and believe it will happen, we offer permission for it to show up in our lives. 

Ask, believe, receive.  

Join me for this week’s meditation, Asking the Divine for a sign, and place yourself in a state that is ready to receive the Divine guidance you have been seeking.

Ask and be amazed at what shows up in your life. This can begin as asking for a sign and as you improve your skills, you can begin to invite in greater things into your life.
 As I simply started to write this Love Letter, I asked my angels to give me some signs so I could take pictures to include them in this post and I saw four within hours. So make your request and begin to watch out for them. Pay attention and when you see one, tell your angel and/or the Divine “thank you” and then tell US about it! Take a picture and share it with us on our Facebook page or tag me on Instagram.

I am so excited to hear all of your stories this week!