Today, Platinum Times Co is a luxury watch company that buys, sells, and trades luxury watches on a daily basis. It was founded by Raul, a lover of luxury timepieces since he was a boy. Not having a network of any kind, he soon developed the company to become one of the best in the industry. Today, it boasts crossing the nine-figure threshold when it comes to sales.

The foundation for the success this company enjoys today is based on Raul’s passion for luxury watches, as well as his commitment to providing exemplary customer service. The quality of the inventory is not diminished by the competitive prices they are offered at. This hearkens back to the time when Raul was still a teen, which is when he started out on the path of becoming a luxury watch dealer.

Back then, he did not have any sort of network. At most, he had some friends who would know a few people interested in luxury watches. To incentivize them to purchase a watch from him, Raul would undercut retail outlets when it came to price. By providing authentic luxury watches at lower prices, while delivering a high level of customer service, he would soon begin getting notoriety, which was also thanks to word-of-mouth.

Even though he appreciated this form of marketing, he had visions of scaling much more. Once he amassed an inventory of over 30 pieces, he took Platinum Times Co to the next level. This is when he began flying all over the world to meet with clients, in the hopes of connecting with like-minded people in the industry. He would target both buyers and sellers, to develop a well-rounded network that would lead his company into the higher echelons of the market.

His sincere enjoyment in speaking with clients about luxury watches helped cement his success. Raul sees himself as being someone who knows a tremendous amount about one thing, rather than a little bit about a lot of things. He prefers it this way because it positions him as an expert in the field.

It turns out that others appreciate this commitment to the trade as well, which has rewarded him with a continually growing company. Given what the size of the luxury market is right now, there is plenty of room for Platinum Times Co to scale and grow even further beyond what it already has achieved.

To help the company grow, Raul has employed a sizable team. Platinum Times Co is run by a team of almost 50 employees, serving the company’s clients around the world. One of the keys to its success is the fact that it is very well organized. From the first to final step, each staff member ensures the process is perfect. The operation is a big one, which is why every staff member is tasked with fulfilling their role to deliver precise service to each client.