Has your business nosedived in the past couple of months like an airplane about to crash? Perhaps your business has plateaued despite marketing efforts? So, you have scribbled down all your marketing plans and you’ve applied them fastidiously, yet somehow you’re still two inches from where you started. Entrepreneurial ruts are the worst of things and what you need is not another advertising campaign but a mindset shift. When we talk about the power of a mindset shift in catapulting one’s business towards success, there’s no other person equipped with experience other than Mike Young. He swears by the 360-degree turn of his business luck once he changed his mindset through a long and satisfying journey.

Mike Young is a 44-year-old branding expert who is wizened by his entrepreneurial experiences. With the swarm of buzzing clients knocking on his front door and piles of projects stuffed on his plate, it is quite inconceivable that this branding wizard had failed in his business a couple of times all because he was too arrogant to change his mindset. Mike admits rather wistfully, as though remembering the naivety of youth that he once stood in line with those young, and stubborn entrepreneurs who thought that shifting mindsets and living a healthy life is utter BS until he had no other choice but to change his mindset. Mike shares with us his journey towards establishing a winner mindset that has led his business to soar great heights.

A Journey That Began In Confusion

Mike has always craved for freedom.  This led him to create over fifty brands in a matter of a decade. With each brand that he made, he hoped that it will pave the way towards the life of freedom that he always wanted. But to his chagrin, 48 of his 50 brands toppled down one by one like chess pieces being captured by the opponent effortlessly.

His serial failures made him question his ways. After all, he had always invested in his self-education, spending thousands of dollars on business mentorship programs, marketing courses, and many more. So, if he had all those business skills nailed down, why were his businesses failing? This question echoed within the chambers of his cranium until he couldn’t bear it any longer.

Reading, the Age-Old Stimulus for Self-Awareness

With the question hanging over his head, Mike found himself so many times, bearing a puzzled expression whilst staring at nothing. And just like every hero’s quest, he started with a big question and followed the crumbs towards the cottage of answers by reading numerous books.

Mike came upon the realization that the reason his business wasn’t working was that of his mindset while he was searching for answers in a book. In his own words, “I took over two hundred thousand dollars on seminars and courses but only trying to learn the latest marketing techniques and latest tricks with my business. And it wasn’t until years later, when I ran into Garret White’s “Warrior Book” that I began to realize that the problem was not in my marketing technique but it was within me, in my mindset.” Then this realization was further cemented when Mike read more self-help books such as Brene Brown’s psychology books.

“I think the first step is always self-awareness. It’s like being able to be real with yourself and recognizing you have a problem. And then you can deal with it. It’s like if I wanna travel across the country to Florida, I first have to recognize that I want to travel across the country to Florida. Then I can map it out and determine the course of action.” To him, reading those books had led to his recognition of what his problem was.

Learning From the Right Mentors

Hercules had Philoctetes, Daniel-san had Mr. Miyagi, and Odysseus had Athena. It is the natural way of success – we learn from the masters first before we become masters ourselves. This is the same path that Mike trekked in his journey towards becoming the master of his entrepreneurial destiny. According to him, “once I found out about my need to change my mindset, I reached through my network and found Clay Moffat.”

Needless to say, Clay Moffat was Mike Young’s Philoctetes. Clay Moffat helped Mike Young rewire his brain. He worked with Mike for eight weeks through a series of coaching techniques, hypnosis, brain conditioning, performance conditioning, habit-building, and many more. And at the end of those eight weeks, Mike Young became a shinier and sturdier gem than he was before. Clay Moffat’s mindset shift program together with the lessons Mike learned from Oprah, Dr. Phil, Tony Robbins, Mitch Miller, and countless others have taught him how to power through obstacles and setbacks like a pro.

Anchoring His New Mindset In His Core Values

Having the right mindset is not like getting a nose job which you only have to do once in your lifetime.  In fact, having the right mindset is all about consistency. Mike admits that it’s not always easy to have the stamina to rewire his brain whenever mistakes, mishaps, unplanned changes, and obstacles come his way. That is why he anchored his new mindset on his personal foundation – his family.

According to Mike, he is motivated to keep on setting the right example to his kids and building a life that he and his wife dream of. His need to make himself a better human being and a better entrepreneur has moved him to choose the right mindset time and time again. “I still to this day do certain daily habits and daily rituals that are designed to condition my brain to think certain thoughts and seek out opportunities and be positive and all of those things together really made me a much more solid human being.” Apart from his family, Mike pushes himself to have a stable and tranquil emotional state in order to better serve his valued clients. After all, one cannot pour from an empty cup as the saying goes.

If you are a newbie entrepreneur or a successful one, you know that you can always count on someone whose business values are inextricably tied to self-love, self-awareness, and having the right mindset. Let The Makeover Master recreate your brand’s visual image and you will cry out with joy as you watch your business surge towards success and create more impact on your clients.