With five tips to help you tune into the energy, align with the moon, her cycles and your own. (note; it doesn’t just affect women.)

When the moon is full, she feels powerful. Hypnotically shining brightly in the black night sky…

Moon Magic – Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

Journal journey.

I started writing a journal last autumn. I didn’t write every day, and sometimes it was bold capital letters of frustration on a page. But it helped. When lockdown happened, I took to writing daily. It was my comfort, and my journal was my counsellor.

As the days turned to weeks and months, I started to look back through the pages. Casually flicking through the days, I could see a pattern in my emotions. I could see it and feel it in the words I wrote.

There’d be a week where vivid dreams disrupted my sleep or I just couldn’t sleep, my mind working overtime with all the tasks and jobs I just had to get done; and despite the lack of sleep, my energy levels were high. Then the following week, the levels dipped and with that, words on the pages felt reflective, almost wistful.

Oh, it’s a full moon.

One morning after another troubled night’s sleep, I was scrolling through Pinterest when I saw a post that said, “Oh, it’s a full moon. That’s why.”

Hang on a minute, ‘that’s why what?’ So I went about trying to find out what and why; I can tell you now, I’ve never looked back.

If I told you that the moon influences our emotions and energy, would you believe me?

Consider this; the moon’s gravitational pull generates tidal force, she creates high and low tides. The moon’s gravitational pull controls the tides. Your body, the human body is 60% water. Therefore, if the moon can control the tides, surely she can affect our emotions and energy?

Reflections of the moon.

The power of the moon.

“Oh, it’s a full moon. That’s why.” From journaling and learning the moon cycles, I recognised my sleep was disruptive in the lead up to the full moon. As the moon grows, so too does her energy, giving you more energy. I was struggling to sleep as it’s the moon’s way of shouting to me; “This isn’t the time for sleeping; it’s time for action!”

Ok, so that’s my sleep patterns explained; what about my emotions and low energy? During the waning phase, as the moon wanes, so does her energy, it’s a time for self-reflection for looking inwards, and if you’re anything like me, it’s a time when you don’t want to be showing up on social media (this can be pretty tough when you’re trying to run an online business!)

Tips for tuning into the moon’s energy.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a big fan of journaling, it’s helped me so much over the last eighteen months and it’s been really insightful to look back and track my emotions, my successes and progress. I’d encourage anyone to start a journal, you don’t have to write daily if you don’t want to. Start small and see where it takes you.

Get a moon tracker. Even if you only know when the full moon is coming, that’s a great start and it’s where my journey started. Watch your energy and sleep patterns leading up to the full moon. Write them down! Then as she starts to wane, feel into the effect it’s having on you. You guessed it; write it down!

Meditate. Anything that allows you to tune in with You and your intuition, will help you to feel the energy of the moon and her cycles. It’s all about connection.

Reiki. The word itself, means Universal energy. If you can tune into the energy all around you, you’re connecting with nature, with yourself and so to with the moon.

Prepare. Remember what I said about not wanting to show up when the moon wanes? Use the lead up to the full moon to write, film and schedule your social posts for the waning weeks. For the first time this month, I did just that and filmed four videos in one day. I posted one later that day, people were commenting on my energy, how high it was and how much they loved it! 100% I know, had I tried to do the same video in the waning phase, it wouldn’t be like that.

Research. Don’t just take my word for it. Read, absorb, talk and listen to anyone and anything about the moon. Live and feel into her, you’ll soon fall in love with her and her rhythms.

Through my own research and talking to people, I realised it isn’t just women that are affected; Men are too, she affects us all, so don’t think you’re immune! Once I start the conversation and explain the effects, you can almost see the penny drop. Some men simply need to tune into their intuition and how they’re feeling, to really understand and feel the effects of the moon.

Learning about the moon has allowed me to see clearly. Like a light bulb moment, a moon-shaped light bulb, shining brightly in the night sky. And I can’t wait to see where the light takes me.

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