As new generations of people have started to become rich, how rich people donate to others has also changed. This change has been brought on by people who believe that they can give their money away in better ways than other generations have done in the past. You might have a more direct question on how did it exactly change, to begin with?

Whether you’re part of running a charitable organization or you’re someone who has income to give to others, you should take a look into how you can be part of this change. Take a look into how younger generations of people are changing how we view philanthropy in the future.

Hands-On Experience

In the past, many wealthy people would write a check to charitable organizations, and that would be it. This has since changed, though with the beliefs of younger rich people in that they would much rather get their hands deep into it, showing off a better image of themselves while feeling better about what they do. They have been able to do this by getting hands-on with the organizations they provide money to.

To do this, philanthropists have started to do work through various events a charitable organization might hold. Philanthropists can then take imagery from that event and spread it to the general public, showing a good image of how they would like to help people. In all, these types of hands-on experiences end up being beneficial for various causes.


Younger generations of people have started to become more concerned about a future that isn’t inclusive. This is why they have been trying harder to ensure that inclusivity is a part of their daily life, whether it be work or for more social scenarios. Philanthropists have started to take this philosophy to whatever organization they donate to.

By promoting intersectionality, philanthropists can ensure that their money is going to more diverse groups of people than they ever were before. This includes working with organizations that are and aren’t direct about the problem of not being diverse enough. Whether you’re donating to others or being interested in running your own charitable organization, understand how intersectionality affects philanthropy today.

Peter Palivos is a national and international leader helping to improve Greek-American relationships. Throughout his career and personal life, Peter Palivos has been involved with philanthropic and professional organizations such as the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Chicago Council, the United Hellenic American Congress, the Hellenic Professional Society of Illinois, and the Pan-Arcadian Federation of America.

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