How the pandemic has made our clothes more comfortable

Before the pandemic, we were witnessing the rise of a trend called ‘athleisure,’ with celebrities and influencers donning legging and sports bras, even when not heading to the gym. And as the pandemic took hold and we went into a national lockdown, many people turned to comfort over style in the clothes they chose.

Fashion brands caught on pretty quickly and we witnessed collection after collection of loungewear and athleisure sell out in no time. Being locked indoors meant that people stopped worrying about looking on-trend and started considering what the most comfortable pair of trousers they owned was.

Now as the world opens back up and we’re finally set free, comfort is a key trend that many will be continuing to sport. Once you’ve decided which lateral flow test to buy and have checked you’re clear of infection, it’s time to head back out and enjoy the world in comfort.

Comfortable trends to look out for

As couture designers suddenly realised that no-one in lockdown needed a sequin dress, fashion houses across the world quickly reinvented themselves and started churning out comfort-based collections. Since the pandemic, we’ve all become so used to comfort that, fortunately, it appears here to stay. Here are a few trends you’ll probably notice as the world opens back up.

Comfy trousers are key

No longer will we be wearing jeans that we can’t sit down in. Trousers are getting comfier now. We love elasticated waists, oversized styles, and stretchy fabrics. Joggers can be mixed with formalwear and leggings are now considered trousers.

After months of sitting on the sofa on furlough, or sitting at our desks in our home offices, we’re just not ready to give up comfy trousers, and designers know it.

Oversized is in

Whether its oversized t-shirts or flowing cotton dresses, oversized styles are in and a fabulous way to remain comfortable while still looking fab. And the great thing about these huge styles is that they can be carried over into your winter wardrobe as they make for the perfect layering tools. Style oversized t-shirts with roll necks and flowing midi dresses with boots to move your free-flowing summer looks into a sophisticated winter wardrobe.

Athleisure isn’t just a trend

Pre-pandemic it was suggested that athleisure, wearing gear suited to the gym as everyday wear, may be a fleeting trend donned by celebrities and influencers but after a year in lockdown, people aren’t so willing to give up their leggings.

With versatile stylings and matching sports bra and leggings sets, athleisure offers a comfortable way to be stylish, meaning we can look great and still be able to relax.

Breathable, soft fabrics

And finally, with a move towards more sustainable fashion trends, the fabrics we will be seeing will incorporate recycled polyesters and organic cottons to help reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

With the breathability of natural fabrics, you’ll find your clothes don’t suffocate you this summer. Organic poplin dresses and lightweight linen shirts will become wardrobe staples and will help us to cool down through summer heatwaves.

And so, if you’re venturing back out and wondering how you should dress, remember to put your comfort first. As restrictions are eased, we’re all still a little anxious about the presence of covid-19, so we may as well be comfortable in our clothes, even if we’re not fully comfortable being out.

Remember that you can always find a lateral flow test to buy online and carry out regular testing to ensure that you’re covid-free, keeping those around you safe as the world opens back up.