Founder of The Peel Connection shares her story about how the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed her business model… And her.

We all are facing challenging times to say the least with the COVID-19 pandemic. But when owner of The Peel Connection Nidah Barber-Raymond had her chemical peel business shuttered with two kids under five years old, her business took an expected turn.

Initially a major setback, this mompreneur was watching the news ten hours per day becoming depressed sitting on her couch. She, like everyone else was wondering what was going on with our world with this unprecedented event. A new pathogen coming in from China originating in bats with our government initially saying we had nothing to worry about to shutting it all down, wearing masks and staying home for an indefinite period of time.

Then, she said a little voice told her that there was opportunity in the midst of this and to try to figure out exactly what that was. “I felt almost guilty for thinking this way during a time when so many people were struggling.” Nidah admitted.

She had been performing chemical peels for over a decade as an aesthetician. “I realized a lot of my clients were quarantined at home and needing self-care. That’s when I realized I need to change my business model and start sending peels out. Clients loved it because the strength is in the layering so it was reassuring to them.”

To add to it, because many people were home during this time, her return on social media advertising helped her business immensely.

Her new business model consumed her time and energy, while still maintaining her balance of time with her family being home. Instead of being stressed out when most people were she took charge of her situation.

She contacted her chemist to ramp up production and quickly had her bottling, labeling and packaging done in two weeks time. She also had an e-commerce site set up with a contraindication sheet for customers to fill out.

“Success to me isn’t about how much money you make. It’s about trying to make the best you can out of any challenging situation.” Nidah says she is grateful for everything, now, more than ever.

“Making lemonade from lemons has been a theme in my life. If people can just change their perspective just a little, it could have a huge impact during trying times.”

Nidah Barber-Raymond-CEO/The Peel Connection