Relationship with technology

Undoubtedly, 2020 proved to be a very rough year for most people. From online shopping platforms to social media sites, from online education to virtual fitness, we have never been more contingent on technology in our everyday life. Technology has been the center of attention and plays a crucial role in our everyday lives especially after the pandemic of COVID-19. 

The wheel, the lightbulb, the iPhone, technology has been modifying our lives since the beginning of humanity. New tools and advancements are helping humans to save time and money COVID-19 have turned the globe upside-down. Tablets, computers, laptops, mobiles reached an unexpected saturation point in the past decade. Indeed, coronavirus has revolutionized the way a common man utilizes technology. 

Let’s have a deep insight into how technology has left its mark especially during the pandemic year. 

It’s All Tech All The Time

Now that we are primarily housebound during the pandemic, technology is evolving rapidly with the speed of light.  Developing and maintaining relationships by utilizing virtual means has become the baseline expectations, and tech companies are acquiring the advantages. 

Massive swathes of the tech industry do not seem to slow down anyway soon. Tech giants, for example, Google and Facebook have faced their share prices ascend.  Disney+ crossed the 60 million subscriber threshold and Netflix doubles their subscriber goal during the pandemic year.  Interestingly, Microsoft reported 15% sales emergence recently. The success is not only limited to profitable figures. Moreover, usage has also winged its way. Daily traffic has doubled its figures for Youtube(15.3%), Netflix (16%), and Facebook (27%).  

Crossing Paths In The Virtual World

The pandemic has broadened our views about the significance of video communication technology. Video meetings have proved to be dominating the tech space during coronavirus. Facetime, Google meets, GoToMeeting,, have helped us to stay connected. But among all, Zoom has been the most monument tech company during the era of COVID-19. The graph of the company’s number of daily meeting participants has risen upwards from 10 million to 300 million from December 2019 to April 2020. 

Also, social media became such a crucial part of our lives during crises. We have used social media more evidently to communicate more quickly and efficiently but there’s a question that has been roaming around, and the question is, does our interaction with social media hurt our mental health? Some studies concluded that social media has a positive impact on the lives of an enormous amount of people. Finding a balance and acquiring healthy habits ensures a positive presence in the lives of individuals.

Below are few tips one can adopt to deter adverse effects of social media. 

  1. Schedule time to use social media to maintain a healthy balance. Creating a timetable would be a splendid idea. 
  1. Be clear about the purpose of why you are logging in to social media sites and then stick to that purpose. 
  1. When you come across other people’s posts, conclude a positive message from that post rather than making comparisons. 
  1. Check-in with yourself before you post anything on your social media profile. 
  1. Check-in with yourself and if you are feeling down, you should pay a visit to the park by following all the necessary SOPs from the prevention of coronavirus. 

Technology-Driven Strategy For a Win-Win Situation

Customers have moved dramatically towards online platforms and channels since after the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping in view that acceleration, digital adoption has been hyping up in businesses at an industrial and organizational level. Companies are focusing on providing digital products and services that result in a huge leap in product development and advancements.  

Keeping in view that gain in momentum, companies are acquiring new and innovative digital strategies to be accurate corporate strategies that take digital under consideration. Respondents at both customer-facing and B2B companies cite a failure oftenly to prioritize as a barrier, but the prominent difference can be seen in response to different challenges. 

According to earlier research, corporate and digital strategies are the same at leading companies. 75% of the organization’s respondents agree to the fact that technological advancements can fill tech talent gaps during the crisis. While the alignment of strong leadership and overall strategy has long been a success marker during transformation and disruption, the extent of technology’s differentiating role in this pandemic is obvious. Moreover, organizations spent more capital expenditures to experiment with modern innovative digital technologies during the pandemic on COVID-19. 


No doubt 2020 was the most tragic year of our lives, but still, there’s a ray of hope for the upcoming years. 

Science and technology are advancing with the speed of light, and our lives are affected by these technological advancements. Scientists, doctors, and researchers are working together in harmony to facilitate us in every possible manner. Also, thanks to the blend of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Due to this surge, enchantingly the manufacturing process of the COVID-19 vaccine is possible. It’s the technology because of which, even a layman can explore, interact, and ask for help. 

I hope that 2021 will have a positive impact and prove to be a better year. I hope that 2021 and the rest of the upcoming years will be a year of unlimited possibilities. I wish that in the upcoming years,  the technology sector will be more about people’s well-being and less about business. It is very well said that success is not final, failure is not fatal, it’s only the courage to continue that counts.