A thriving and successful business is the common goal of every entrepreneur. Everyone who establishes a business wants to succeed. No one will aspire to fail. Individuals who dipped their toes on entrepreneurship ask the age-old question on how to build a successful business.

Many beginner entrepreneurs are wondering how self-made millionaires built their successful businesses from scratch. They are interested in discovering the routine, habits, and tactics that made these millionaires successful. It is good that serial entrepreneur Pascal Bachmann is ready to share, making them successful.

Bachmann pointed out that mindset is what sets apart successful entrepreneurs from average performers. “In business, mindset is everything. You will fail to bring your business and life to the next level if you do not believe you can do it. If you believe that you will be successful, you are more likely to become one,” he said.

Two Major Setbacks
Bachmann is a serial entrepreneur who successfully built multiple businesses which had a combined value of over $20 million but, unfortunately, lost it all to bankruptcy.

Bachmann might be enjoying the success that he earned over time. But before attaining success, he needed to overcome a life-changing injury and bankruptcy. Bachmann’s journey to success was full of ups and downs.

Bachmann admitted that he had to battle a difficult childhood early in his life while staying in foster homes in Switzerland. Bachmann might have been deprived of a happy childhood, but he did not define his future. At a young age, Bachmann discovered his passion for martial arts as a sport. His love for martial arts provided direction to the young Bachmann. He migrated to Thailand, where he became a professional Thai boxer at the age of 18.

Bachmann was a high-caliber professional Thai boxer, and many noticed his potential of becoming a world champion. Bachmann spent long hours of preparation as he set his sights on the world stage. He eyed to compete in K1, an international tournament on mixed martial arts. Bachmann did not know that his first major setback would shake his world.

“I got involved in a major accident wherein I sustained injuries. The injuries were so severe that it ended my dream of becoming a world champion,” Bachmann said.

Bachmann left Thai boxing and found a new interest — Eastern therapies. He studied Eastern therapies and developed a fascination with Chinese Medicine. Learning Eastern therapies specializing in Chinese Medicine played an instrumental role in why he became a coach. Bachmann admitted that health coaching allowed him to expand his knowledge about building businesses. He also built his network of valuable contacts, which allowed him to become an advisor for small businesses and later an advisory role with larger companies. He found new success after martial arts.

Little did he know that another setback is looming on the horizon. Bachmann discovered that one of his businesses is bankrupt. He found himself dealing with a 15-million-dollar bankruptcy. “It was a tough situation wherein I lost everything that I had built within two months, including my retirement savings and all my real estate. It was an awful experience,” Bachmann shared.

Bachmann might have faced yet another challenging situation but never dwell on it. He pushed through with his dreams despite the setback and built his business and life from scratch. “In my life, I have experienced hitting rock bottom several times. But I have always learned to pick myself up to rebuild my business and life from scratch. Today I inspire other entrepreneurs to find their way and live a healthy life with success, gratitude, and joy,” Bachmann said.

The Right Mindset
Bachmann has gone through challenging times in his life, but he never gave up on his dream. He developed a strong mindset that allows him to continue to strive despite the major setbacks.

Bachmann admitted that the biggest challenge that he faced was rebuilding after the $15-million bankruptcy. “At that moment, I was close to being broke. But that unfortunate event paved the way to develop the mindset that I need to succeed and let go of the negative emotions and beliefs that did not support me. It was a life lesson that allowed me to learn more about myself and what really drives me,” Bachmann shared.

Bachmann pointed out that the right mindset is vital in starting a business. He cannot overemphasize how essential it is for entrepreneurs to develop the right mindset. It is crucial in starting your own business and plays a significant role in everything you do.

“A strong mindset is essential to develop healthy self-esteem. It is an important tool that affects our daily self-dialogue. It also reinforces our beliefs, attitudes, and feelings about ourselves,” Bachmann.

Ever since Bachmann has been telling entrepreneurs to have the proper mindset when starting their business, he said that an entrepreneurial mindset could nurture creativity. “You have started your business because of a passion within you, a talent that you have, or you have a solution to solve a problem. Hence, think for yourself. Why allow other people to think for you? It is fine to seek help and support from other people. But do not let them control your dream or destiny,” Bachmann said.

Bachmann believed that the right mindset could propel people to succeed in business and life. For years, Bachmann had been teaching entrepreneurs about the seven mindsets to live an ultimate life: Everything is Possible, Passion First, We are Connected, 100% Accountable, Attitude of Gratitude, Live to Give, and The Time is Now mindsets.

Final Thoughts
Bachmann invites 25 entrepreneurs to take their business and lives to the next level by building the necessary foundation and focusing on what he calls “THE CORE 4”. Bachmann said that it could not just transform their lives and become healthy, successful, and wealthy millionaires, but to achieve true fulfillment.

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