How to side hustles are saving the economy and mental health during covid 19

By Juliana No, CEO of Stand Out Consulting, a Business Consulting and Marketing & Public Relations Agency specializing in helping businesses find new forms of revenue and guiding or mentoring entrepreneurs.

Have you taken a stroll around Instagram lately and analyzed what is really happening? Entrepreneurship is booming. Side hustles are saving the economy of many households in this pandemic but most importantly, they’re saving their mental health.

Let’s rewind a few months. Right before COVID-19 made an appearance in our lives, the so-called ‘side-hustle’ had been a podcast and article trend for the last year or two. From economists or coaches to bloggers, they all recommended to get a side hustle to grow your income on the side. The second and most overlooked reason for starting was having something to look forward to, something that you are passionate about.

And this last part is where I want to center this article on. You don’t have to be passionate about something to succeed or make money, however, there’s a bigger chance you will fight for it and look for ways to make it possible if you are. Also, when you really love doing something, you look forward to it. This piece is key in this pandemic. As we felt forced into a lockdown situation either with more time at home or without a job, individuals turned to side hustles and hobbies making them into serious businesses. And the truth is that, with more time on your hands, what better than to do what you love?

This hobbies-turned-to business and side hustles that become serious jobs are giving worldwide citizens the stregth and motivation to wake up every morning and do something meaningful or productive with their lives. And while they are making some money (in some cases more than before), they are helping their brains stay healthy with creativity and something they look forward to every day. From health coaching to network marketing, online courses or building and selling crafts, people all over the globe are turning to their passions to save their pockets and their mindsets.

The pandemic has brought a lot of negative outputs and made many feel lost. However, it has been the fuel others needed to wake up and start something they’ve wanted to do for a long time or become more resourceful and creative. It is highlighting the difference in mindset and the importance of it to thrive and move forward. Being enclosed with kids and spouses 24/7 or completely isolated for those without a family can be mentally and emotionally challenging. In fact, we have seen an increase in depression and other mental health situations according to Healthline. However, the human kind is exceptionally flexible and through these hard times, it has found unique ways to connect and continue to feel like a community through technology and social media. And it’s actually these tools that are allowing many to thrive mentally and professionally with these hustles during the pandemic. Whether it’s showing their abilities and hobbies and sharing them with others or putting more time and energy to a business, having something to do and to share is proving to be key in staying motivated and happy.

So, if you haven’t found what motivates you or a way to create a side business that keeps you looking forward to something every day, check out my latest article here on Thrive Global on how to build a business with no business capital and get creative!