It’s no secret that it is of the utmost importance to brush our teeth. So why is it difficult to do it correctly? An ample amount of evidence points to one uncomplicated idea: what leading experts in oral hygiene suggest we do and what we actually do is very different.

Did you know that the ideal time for brushing our teeth is two full minutes? However, the majority of people brush for only 45 seconds. Also, it’s recommended that for optimal brushing we point our toothbrush up toward our gumline at a 45-degree angle, but still, 74% percent of individuals are not doing this. In addition, it’s important to spend the same amount of time on each tooth, but the common tendency is to spend more time on the outer part of the teeth that are closest to the cheeks.

A new toothbrush called the Triple Bristle, developed by Max Babiner of Babiner Dental, works to take the hard work and error out of oral hygiene. This toothbrush features a three-sided brush that is self-adjusting and attached to a rechargeable sonic handle. Those who developed this cutting-edge toothbrush did so with the idea in mind of making it impossible to brush teeth incorrectly. The Triple Bristle does all the work for you, and all that you need to do is hold the brush at the proper position and lead it from tooth to tooth. The result? A perfectly clean mouth!

As an added bonus, the toothbrush cuts down on the amount of time needed to brush. Your teeth will be spotless from all sides in 40 seconds. And best of all, The Triple Bristle is equipped with a rechargeable battery that is set to last for two weeks at a time, making it the perfect companion during business trips and vacations.

Why Should You Use the Triple Bristle?

One reason is that of the three brush heads that this toothbrush is equipped with. When you use a standard toothbrush, you must take the time to brush all three sides of your teeth individually. However, the Triple Bristle allows you to brush all three sides of your teeth at one time. This allows you to brush your teeth in a fraction of the time you would need to achieve the same result using a standard toothbrush. But don’t worry – the Triple Bristle features a built-in two-minute timer that alerts you to the ADA-recommended time to brush. What’s more, your toothbrush will alert you of your brush time by way of a quick pause every 30 seconds.

Another great reason to use the Triple Bristle toothbrush is the comfortable grip that it provides. The handheld portion of the brush is wider than that of a standard toothbrush, and while it may feel funny to use at first, you will quickly realize how much easier it is to maneuver in your mouth for optimal cleaning.

The Triple Bristle toothbrush is equipped with an innovative bristle design, unlike anything you have ever laid eyes on previously. The center bristle is very small and angled so as to clean the concaves at the top of your teeth. This is an area that is almost always missed when a standard toothbrush is used. The two side bristles that complete the triple bristle design are angled to engage the gumline while polishing your pearly whites.

Last, but certainly not least, you are able to see each brush head is mounted individually. This enables them to move independently and automatically get into the ideal position for polishing each and every tooth, as well as giving your teeth the correct amount of pressure for your cleanest mouth possible.

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