“Get down 6 times, get up 7 times.” Japanese proverb

When life knocks you really down, the best you can do is to roll over and look at the stars.

Betrayal is a feeling and a process totally invisible but all of us at some point in our lives еxperience it. When you are child a betrayal may take the face of your friend in the kinder garden not willing to play with you today. When things get serious and you grow up, the betrayal, especially the one from the people close to you could hurt you deeply. There is one special type of betrayal which theoretically and practically turn you upside down like a tornado can do, has that excruciating power over you, but most importantly teaches you the greatest lessons. That is why, when you meet it during a head-on collision you might feel devastated, crushed, beaten up but it is exactly when you would potentially start feeling and examining your soul and inner you.

The story began long ago, actually a couple of years ago in the Universe as a small seed, even before me myself knew that everything that looked like “normal things in life” would turn out to be the second huge storm in my life. Imagine how after a big tornado people’s lives are turned upside down. So, the feeling that nothing would ever be the same, even the small things that you do not notice at first sight, is similar to that of uncontrollable manifestation of the elemental forces.

“It is not whether you get knocked down, it is whether you get up.” Brian Tracy

My life back then was simple, but not isolated – I was immersed in the world of beauty, fragrances, communication with people, traveling and most of all – art, as all this has something to do it .
But, of course there is always a “but” – I’ve been constantly under the attack of office bullying at the workplace. Even though I loved the job I felt that this constant feeling of drying my inner energy and draining myself out could not go on and I finally get out of the game. My sister had been living in the US for 5 years and invited me to go and restart my life. And this is it – the betrayal happened unexpectedly harsh and еxcruciating. A betrayal from your older sister, who had been influencing my life since the day I was born for everything and especially when my mom died all of a sudden when I was just 16. That was the first huge cataclysm that changed and predetermined the way I will continue living.

The restart happened to be really short and after losing myself almost completely I had to go back, return and restart again from scratch my life. So, in a couple of months, I lost not only my job, but also my old life. It is strange how Life, Universe and God teach and showcase our lessons of through pain, disaster and disappointments. What I’ve been through showed me after days of observation, self-reflection and nights of insomnia, over-thinknig, asking myself “Why?” and rehearsing thousands and thousands of times in my head the timing of my decision to restart for good and quit the office bullying environment, so it showed to me the real facet of life, relationships with relatives and the most beautiful lesson of all – the real FACE of people. ALL people – friends, co-workers, relatives – close and distant, neighbors, strangers. The conclusions that you will take in your pocket after a huge betrayal will serve you till the rest of your life. So, try to look at every setback and especially at the betrayal, when you reach that point as it is inevitable, as a gemstone, as a pearl which is as precious as the life given to you. It would be your sanctuary in hard times, always reminding you that you are strong, persevering, never giving up, but most of all you are HUMAN. Everybody might fall into the trap of being lied, especially when the lie comes from a relative or your dearest friend. It hurts because you never even allow the thought that you might be betrayed by them. What this specific and ultimate betrayal can teach you in a nutshell:

  • Do not ever listen to what other people tell you about you and how to live your life. You are the Master Manager of it and nobody can feel what you feel about a job, a person etc. Only your Mom and Dad may give you advice adapted for you and your well-being. All others give you advice according to their personal perceptions and have nothing to do with your needs.
  • Never ever make decisions when you are stressed, emotionally drained or living in a quiet despair. The overdose of adrenaline and cortisol – the hormones in your body activating your “fight or flight” mode when under stress or in front of danger might blur your decision making skills and take your power of thought.
  • Don’t burn bridges with people even with your enemies, as sometimes Life’s lesson is that it could turn upside down and might run across the same person. You can’t control what he/she thinks or does, but you can control your manners and always demonstrate class in behavior.
  • Don’t look backwards, only forward with the pearl with you, close to your heart.

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me – as is ever so on the road.” Jack Kerouac, On the Road

When you feel that there is no path upfront, when you feel you reached the bottom, know that there is only one way and it is upwards! Only when you suffer from your soul, you can see the real colors of life, friendship and find your true meaning. Keep searching it and always stay ready for surprises, no matter positive or negative.

And after all that you might hear about yourself or you have already heard from enemies, friends or frenemies – remember one thing – the only REAL and AUTHENTIC friend that you could ever have is….. YOU!