Tech entrepreneur Jay Alexander (@Jayalxndr) has risen quickly to the top of the Miami technology scene. Having successfully published over 30 mobile apps on the App Store in under 14 months, Alexander is paving the way for the future of tech in South Florida.

Under the brilliant creative direction of Jay Alexander, NXTLVL TECHNOLOGY (@NXTLVL.TECH), a creative digital agency focusing on mobile applications, web development and disruptive technology, is set for an explosive year in 2019. P

What exactly is NXTLVL’s mission statement?

Jay Alexander: NXTLVL’s mission statement has always been to “Create The Future.” Every business can benefit through the use of mobile technology, whether it’s creating the next big idea, innovating the on-demand economy or streamlining any business model to increase efficiency, we have a solution for any and all businesses or entrepreneurs. We are on a mission to continue building a global tech empire.

What can NXTLVL do for companies and entrepreneurs looking to take their vision and infrastructure mobile?

JA: We take a lot of pride on bringing entrepreneurs and business owners ideas to reality in a matter of weeks from idea to App Store. We have a saying here at NXTLVL that “1 month in the tech world, is equivalent to 1 year in the real world.” Tech moves very fast, so as an agency we must make sure all our projects are built to scale from the ground up, and can sustain any curve balls thrown at us over its course.

NXTLVL has created several innovative, industry-disrupting apps-  An “Uber For Roadside Assistance,” a platform for connecting musicians via geo-sourcing, a software for luxury car rental agencies, as well as an app for On-Demand beauty services to name a few. Can you share any exciting projects NXTLVL has in the works?

JA:  The HAUL app is an On-Demand platform for anything related to towing or roadside assistance. Whether you have a flat tire, need a tow, locked out of your car or simply have ran out of gas, HAUL has an instant solution in the fastest time frame. Another awesome project we have is called KURE, an On-Demand health and wellness application. The KURE app acts as an intermediary platform to have licensed professionals provide hydration and IV therapy, stretching, cupping, massages and acupuncture to your home, office or work place.


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What is your backstory? Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

JA: After receiving my degree in finance from Florida State I eventually made my way to South Florida searching for the right career path in finance. I had recently got out of a 3 year relationship with my college sweetheart and was running low on drive and motivation, working my 9-5 desk job. After a friend recommend getting on the mobile dating app Tinder, I was amazed to find out that such a simple idea could be worth over a billion dollars. That’s when the light bulb went off and I instantly knew that I couldn’t be wasting my life behind a desk anymore and needed to be working in tech no matter what the costs.

After quitting my full-time job, I brought nothing but my Macbook, business plan and a duffle bag with me on the plane across the country. I spent a year couch surfing from friend to friend in Silicon Valley learning as much as possible along the way. I was literally 5–10 minutes from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc. Those experiences in the valley changed my life forever. I decided then to bring my knowledge that I gained from being in the scene in the valley and started my tech agency here in Miami. Big fish in a small pond concept, only this time we were coming straight for the top.

What is your daily routine? How does it contribute to your individual success and NXTLVL’s?

JA:  Working on becoming the best version of yourself is the best advice I can give to any entrepreneur. If you know me, you already know that I drink matcha green tea every day. Every morning I do an ice plunge, as well as meditate at least three times a day, where I visualize and manifest future success and self reflection. It’s the things you do when people aren’t watching, which helps you become a better human being overall. What you put out into the universe will most certainly be what you will receive.

What do the next five years look like for NXTLVL? Any thoughts on the future of the technology industry?

JA: We are projected to have 60-70 apps developed under the NXTLVL brand by 2020. I would suggest anyone who wants long-term success to at least have some sort of technical or digital marketing skillsets so they remain relevant over the next five years. We are also working on some very cool AR and VR projects in 2019/2020. At NXTLVL we are working hard to create the future and I believe that we will one day become one of the largest tech companies in the world.

For more information about NXTLVL TECH, visit their website. You can follow them on Instagram (@NXTLVL.TECH). You can also follow Jay Alexander on Instagram (@JayAlxndr)


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