The one struggle that most real estate professionals find themselves having to deal with is a predictable and scalable way to grow their business.

Most agents understand the importance of new leads for their business, but very few have the knowledge, resources, and time available to implement this important element for enhancing their business.    

Aaron Harris is a young entrepreneur, business owner, and consultant who started a company called “” which offers a completely done for you real estate marketing program that offers agents exclusive buyer and seller leads to help agents make more connections and grow their business.

What separates “” from other lead generations agencies, is that it generates leads and saves agents time. Not only do they guarantee to generate a set number of exclusive leads, but they also call, text, and email every lead on the agent’s behalf and book appointments with leads directly to the agent’s calendar.

Most lead generation agencies share leads amongst their clients, fluctuate lead volume month to month, and leave all the follow up for the agents.  “” has found a way to solve these problems and allow agents to focus on the what they do best.

Solving Client Problems

Aaron Harris has identified problems that real estate agents face daily and simply found a way to solve these problems. Most agents want more leads and Aaron’s agency found a way to deliver just that. Some agents struggle to find the time follow up with leads, and so immediate and long-term follow up were added to the system. Others may have difficulty converting leads once they speak with them, so additional coaching and conversion scripts were created.

Aaron is an incredible marketer that understands the importance of problem-solving and client communication, so it’s no surprise that 26-year-old entrepreneur has been having great success with his lead generation agency.

Speed to Lead Gets More Conversions

Aaron Harris understands how important new leads can be when growing a real estate business, but what’s more important is how effective those leads are being followed up with.

“” system reaches out to leads within five minutes of them coming in, to make sure they have the best chance to convert those leads for their clients. They then continue to follow up with those leads until they have made contact and confirm the lead’s interest in buying or selling real estate. 

Having generated thousands of leads online, Aaron is no stranger to what it takes to see positive ROI in online marketing. In 2018 Aaron was directly responsible for generating over 25 million dollars in real estate transactions from online leads. This was done primarily due to the followup systems put in place to help agents convert more leads.

Enhancing Lives

As a lead generation agency, you would think their job is to generate leads, but Aaron states that the job of him and his team is to “enhance lives”. By creating a system that generates more leads and saves his clients time, clients can focus on what they do best and close more deals. As more deals are closed and more money is earned, more opportunities become available. Opportunities to travel, spend more time with family, pay for college, or whatever goals clients have for themselves and their families.”