Amassing a following of over one million followers while also owning ten plus pages with over five hundred thousand each is no easy task, but that is exactly what entrepreneur Sam Sellar (@samsellar on instagram), Australian native, has accomplished with his digital space. Sam Sellar has been able to organically grow his online presence to over 6 million followers over his network of Instagram pages where he offers packages and to public figures, brands, and celebrities followers. 

This business venture started off five years ago when Sam decided to create Instagram and Twitter accounts with different niches, all depending on what was trendy and viral at the time. 

“I noticed that the more pages I created – the more business I attracted and more money I was making. After I built my first page or two, to roughly 400,000 followers each, I was able to push shoutouts and promotions to new pages I made. I believe I jumped on the Instagram train right in time, allowing me to stand out and be unique with the pages I made,” he states.

When he first joined Instagram in 2012, he noticed all the pages being created solely for comedic purposes, where people posted popular memes and funny pictures. This is what led him to create his first page, which he recalls being a difficult process in the beginning, but then it became almost second nature. 

His motivation to start this business came from his desire for financial freedom. He also knew he had a unique knowledge in the area of social media which further pushed him to follow this venture.

“I began to have many public figures and brands contacting me to help them build their following and social media management. I initially started growing accounts and connecting with others purely for a hobby and because I loved connecting with others and learning from them too – then this lead on to creating a business and taking it seriously as a profitable source,” he shares.

His biggest challenge throughout the start was the unknown question of “How long will this last / how long will Instagram stay around for?” Time management also became an issue since the majority of his clients were based in the US, meaning he had to deal with the different time zones. He was staying up all hours of the night and sometimes sacrificing his sleep because he was too busy building accounts and working.

For those who are looking to start their business, Sam advices to have your mind set on small goals. 

“A strong mindset on inspires you to keep going, mine is of course the financial freedom and understanding the power of a personal brand, especially in this industry. Knowing how to differentiate myself from others in the market, and make my business/services stand out to the buyers,” he shares. 

In addition, he also warns people that starting a new business requires you to go all in, you can’t put half the effort and expect the results you want. He advises, “Know what you are wanting to achieve in 3 months, 6 months and a year. Have your goals written somewhere you are always looking, be motivated to achieve them!” 

Sam Sellar differentiates himself from others because what he offers his clients is 100% real. He guarantees real and engaging followers who have followed the client for their own content and not fake. 

His meaning of success now is the pure happiness that he feels from achieving all of his goals and seeing the growth in himself and his business. He is now focused on achieving this everyday and continuing to succeed in his social networks and in every aspect of his life.