Nearly six months into quarantine, many are declaring 2020 to be a write-off year.  And as the world declares itself “closed,” people are feeling both lost and hopeless. Even the excitement of working from home has lost its allure and the most interesting part of the week has become a trip to the grocery store. How is one supposed to overcome the monotony? One way, of course, is to decompress by creating as well as consuming, new music.

International rap and hip-hop artist Audie B is choosing to flip the script, taking worldwide shutdowns as an opportunity to grow personally, professionally, and within her craft.

“[It’s given] me the time to reflect and [regardless of feeling] alone and feeling isolated, […] it helps us to grow as people, become creative souls [while] allowing our creative side to be unleashed.”

Audie B is accustomed to an ever-expanding world between bouncing back and forth between France and Australia and traveling the world both on tour and as a former professional cruise line dancer. Grappling with the concept of an ever-shrinking world has done nothing to diminish the strength of her willpower and determination of developing her artistry.

“Being in COVID-19 times, I can see the importance of flexibility and learning to adapt to situations we are facing in our professional or personal lives.”

Rather than having the heavy weight of lockdown drag her down, Audie B has pushed herself to continue her work, slowing down only to actively engage with her audience on her journey as documented on her Youtube channel. 

“Meeting and sharing everyday life with people is a passion that I carry.”

If Audie B’s jammy, anthem-forward lyrics and vivacious moves are evidence of one thing, it’s her passion for connecting and inspiring others which is no surprise given her propensity for an optimism that drives her to have a small part in bettering those around her.

“I felt free with the world as my home, which is still the case today, and also why I want to share my experiences with the world.”

Her involvement in the dance space –  including Australia’s Royal Academy of Dance and studying under the distinguished Marie Walton Mahon – has equipped Audie B with a grit that empowers her followers and makes it easy to see why her positive and upbeat energy is so infectious.

In overcoming these unprecedented days by treating them as just another challenge in her story, Audie B hopes that others will find within themselves the ability to channel that same resilience to seek their own success during this time.


  • Nadya Rousseau

    Entrepreneur | Writer | Producer

    Alter New Media

    A storyteller since childhood, Nadya Rousseau worked as a professional actor, freelance journalist, and multimedia producer before pivoting to digital marketing and business development. To date, Nadya has worked with clients ranging from startups, to nationally recognized law firms, to nonprofits, to entertainers and more. In late 2016, Nadya founded a purpose-forward global digital marketing & PR agency, Alter New Media. The agency has its own influencer board, representing influencers worldwide. Nadya also has a best-selling Instagram growth and management service, Instagram Rockstar, that since its launch on the "Fiverr PRO" platform in late 2017, has serviced over 400 customers. Verticals served range from tech, fashion/beauty, cannabis, consumer, professional services, and many more. Nadya's opinions on business, entrepreneurship, and marketing have been featured in Forbes, American Express Open Forum, Voyage LA, and Honeysuckle Magazine. Nadya has additionally partnered with several influential social media campaigns, including The Nylon Project’s fashion initiative “#Itcanbeyou” to raise awareness about the homelessness epidemic and is highly active with nonprofit organizations via the creation of "purposeful partnerships" via ANM. Alter New Media is an in-kind partner for StartOut, the nation's largest organization serving LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs. Through her storytelling-based strategies, Nadya has successfully taken her clients’ social media reach from non-existent to in the thousands, landing them new customers, partnerships, and revenue. Her purpose? To help her clients achieve their business goals while also making a difference in the world. For Thrive, Nadya covers entrepreneurship, identity, and lifestyle.