A fellow introvert was explaining how she’d had a full-on week followed by a weekend that ended up being non-stop social Interaction.  She said she was now a complete wreck, shaky, exhausted and unable to think straight.  Wearily, she asked how I’d feel if that happened to me and more importantly, how I’d replenish. 

My answer to the first part of her question was that I’d I feel exhausted & overwhelmed.  When it comes to replenishing, it’s vital for my well-being that I have enough charge in my batteries to function in this noisy world. In the case we’re talking about here though, it’s not just talking about a ‘low battery warning light’ kind of charging. This is a case of an absolute flat battery.  Now I try not to reach this point, but every now and then, its unavoidable.  

In order to maintain a sufficient level of charge, I shared for the first time, some of my little rituals that individually calm each of my senses.

I have my favourite scent in a body lotion to apply after a shower or bath and I also have that scent burning in a delicious candle.  For emergency situations, I carry it as a hand cream which serves to revive me quite quickly. Actually, I’ve noticed that my olfactory sense, my sense of smell, is one of the easiest to access and the fastest to bring about a change of state for me. 

Then I have my favourite music, an audiobook or meditation. Something to calm my head through my auditory sense.  If it’s an audiobook, it’s the person’s voice that matters more than the content.  I have some great books but if the narrators voice doesn’t resonate with me, it’s a non-starter. What’s needed here is something soothing that blocks out the noise ‘out there’.

Then for something tactile or kinaesthetic.  I spend time stroking my cats as they are super-soft and enjoy the attention.  The sound and feeling of purring I find particularly soothing. It might be time for my fleecy dressing gown even if it is ‘too early’ by some people’s standards. I might do some needlework, knitting or writing; I still find writing more satisfying than typing.   If weather permits, I might go out in nature.  I love an angry sea if I want to vent as the wild air literally takes my breath and words away. 

I might also prepare something nourishing to eat and drink which satisfies my gustatory needs.  At this stage I’m not necessarily talking nourishing as in healthy though.  I’m talking nourishing as in delicious and comforting, sometimes referred to as ‘nursery food’. 

Then best of all, I’ll sleep. And if I need an eye-mask and ear-plugs, I’ll use them!

As I mentioned earlier, my intention is not to let my battery drain until its completely flat and the way I do that is by using any one of the above methods, or a combination of them, frequently enough to that I’m topped-up in readiness for the next day or event. 

What about you?