Trixie Isla-Velez

Trixie Isla-Velez is no stranger to hard work and adversity. The only difference is, she’s gone through all of life’s trials and tribulations with a smile. She’s turned her career from a fitness trainer at a local studio into a massively successful entrepreneur and leading trainer in Hong Kong, and has done so all while being a loving and devoted mother. 

Trixie had always had a passion for training and fitness, and her willpower even overcame her parent’s objections to her career choice. Although she wound up working long hours for the studio she was employed at, she loved every moment. The people who regularly attended her classes, or her “people” as she likes to call them, became like family to her and she developed a deep attachment to them. They were the main reason why she didn’t mind working long hours and even passing up on family time and weekends to work. 

But, they were also the reason why it was so hard for Trixie to make the emotional decision to leave this studio when the owners just couldn’t see how valuable she was to the brand. She’d seen it grow, made terrific suggestions to help it grow, and provided an incredible sense of energy to the gym with her training style. But, nonetheless, she knew it was time to move on and decided to launch her own studio as a result. 

Although this stage of her journey was also very tough, her incredibly optimistic mindset kept her in high spirits. Not to mention, her people followed her every step of the way as she moved around to various locations. Her class sizes only continued to increase, and by the time she landed on a permanent location for her studio, she had people lined up at the doors ready to take classes.

Trixie admits that the biggest challenge in her life has been risking it all and jumping out of her comfort zone, but her positive mindset and her relentless mentality got her through any setbacks or fears she came across. Now that she’s comfortable in her own studio, she’s wasted little time racking up the accolades. She’s a Nike Trainer, Nosh Ambassador, and MyProtein sponsored trainer, is one of the most sought after trainers in all of Hong Kong, and has over 25 fitness and training certifications. The sky is truly the limit for Trixie and her career.