For many, the pandemic was a time of professional struggle and business loss – but for Alex Machuca, CEO of Lyncrest Media, it was anything but. Instead, the pandemic was a time of new beginnings that cracked open his desires and got him on the path to where he thrives most.

Today, Alex is CEO of Lyncrest Media, a full-service advertising and lead generation company specializing in paid advertising and lead generation for mortgage brokers and mortgage loan officers. He also serves as chairman of MachucaX, a cutting-edge media and communications holding company. Alex emerged from the early struggles of the pandemic with a huge accomplishment: building a 7-figure mortgage empire in under a year.

So how did he do it? Prior to running his 7-figure business, Alex worked for as a successful sales rep (he was once #7 in the world for global sales at GoDaddy) and had a foray into the events business, which sadly coincided with the start of the pandemic. But everything changed when he had a chance encounter with Jeremy Haynes, an iconic marketing entrepreneur and mentor who piqued Alex’s interest about a potential career pivot. Soon afterward, Alex tuned in to a podcast by inspirational entrepreneur Casey Adams, and there was no turning back – he knew he wanted to start his own digital marketing company.

It’s All About Mindset

Alex Machucha, CEO Lyncrest Media

While Alex built a massively successful company in such a short time – a feat few can accomplish – that might not even be his biggest success in the past year. In fact, the larger positive change in Alex’s life that enabled his business to thrive so quickly was a simple change in mindset.

Alex had a tough adolescence that initially shaped his approach to business and money. When he was just 16, growing up in New Jersey, sold their home. He had to live at a friend’s house for one year, and had to grow up fast to adapt to a time of immense uncertainty in his life. While his quick adjustment helped him get through those hard times, he walked away with a victim mentality and a sense of scarcity. But as Alex built Lyncrest Media, he knew it was time to ditch that mindset and allow himself to thrive.

He shifted his mindset from victimhood to a drive for success. He drew inspiration from his father, who was also an entrepreneur, and he let his desire to take care of his family fuel his professional motivation. Alex taught his younger brother how to successfully build his own 7 figure business, provides jobs for his friends, and more than takes care of his loved ones. That, Alex says, is the number one transformation on his journey to success, because so much of our life experience depends on what we make it.

Lyncrest’s Road To Success

As for the business itself, Alex knew early on that he wanted his digital marketing business to focus on mortgages, because he’d enjoyed working for someone else in the field. Alex quickly built success by implementing his go-to method: Hijacking Authority. This is Alex’s unique approach to finding and collaborating with experts across fields who can create a mutually beneficial growing experience.

On top of reaching out to pros, Alex dedicated months to schooling himself on the fine details of digital marketing. He dove into a Jeremy Haynes course, and spent weeks on end holed up in his home learning everything he could about his new business.

Transforming The Field One Client At A Time

His dedicated approach paid off. Lyncrest Media is blazing trails industry-wide in automation, follow-up sequences, and building astronomical success for clients with ease. His clients see as much as 500% ROI and get to bypass the thousands of phone calls they’d need to make to secure such incredible leads on their own.

While the average company simply provides the client with the leads, Lyncrest goes above and beyond, personally booking appointments with these leads and providing follow-up services to keep the sales conversations going. Lyncrest offers a guarantee of 30 appointments for each client, often resulting in even more than that, and follows up with each lead 20 times over the course of 90 days. Lyncrest’s success is doing more than helping clients thrive: it’s changing the fabric of the industry and creating an unprecedented standard.

And while the business continues to thrive, Alex continues to realize his long-held goal of caring for his family. Because when Alex’s clients thrive, everyone thrives. Sometimes, success really is as simple as that.

Alex Machuca is the CEO of Lyncrest Media, a full-service advertising agency that specializes in paid advertising and lead generation for mortgage brokers and mortgage loan officers. Find out more about his work at