Achieving goals is powerful and affects our success in life. When we dare to dream about what we truly desire and set goals in that direction, a powerful shift happens. Life is now lived with greater direction and purpose. And once those goals are achieved, confidence builds, and not only do we feel a sense of accomplishment, but we want to succeed even more.

SNG we have created a platform where help in order to elevate our society just by providing your daily waste food and any unused things. Instead of throwing the street of the food to feed someone. It will help to save the environment and feed someone. We started SNG to give the strength to survivors. SNG starts with a clear vision – to provide Food, Good Health and welfare for the have-nots of our society and clean the environment by stop wasting food on the streets. They are outcasts from the society who are being constantly turned down of even the basic human need for acceptance. We provided the food to those who are surviving on the streets without any help. They don’t have shelter, Food and Clothes.

Step 1:  Set Goals with the Greatest Positive Impact

We are often pulled in many directions, which makes it hard to accomplish even one small goal. To prioritize your goals, look at all areas of your life such as family, health, career, finances, and leisure activities. Then decide what goal(s) in each area truly motivate you and will most positively impact your life.

Step 2: Make SMART Goals for Best Results

To make goals that are focused and achievable, they need to be S.M.A.R.T., an acronym that typically means:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-limited

For example, instead of saying, “I want to start my own business,” a SMART goal would be: “I will start my own life coaching business that helps people with major life transitions by May 1, 2015.” The latter goal is specific in that there is no question as to what is trying to be accomplished. Also, anyone can determine whether or not it has been completed, which makes it measurable, and the time-limitation helps create the motivation.

Step 3: Writing Goals Down Is Essential

Writing goals in a daily planner, a journal or even on sticky notes, helps focus our attention on them and makes them more real.

Step 4: Think of Potential Obstacles and Real Solutions

Winston Churchill said, “Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.” Successful people fail more than unsuccessful people simply because they keep trying no matter what obstacles they come across.

Jyoti Verma has always believed in “making things happen”. Her career has seen many diversions and progressions. She Worked as HR Professional to become a social entrepreneur. She found her true calling as a social entrepreneur with SNG, Voice – The Unspoken and Wepreneure.

Step 5: Focus on Goals Everyday

Focusing daily on our goals helps us succeed in reaching them because it’s a constant reminder of what we desire in life. Two ways to keep goals present in the mind are:

  • Visualise
  • Think

After successful mentioning the 5 pointers for success,Jyoti mentions her work for women which she has been doing, it also enables the lower class and middle class women for the online sustainability.

So, she started Wepreneure. Moreover, building a team and challenges ”Every day, there are new challenges. Some you are prepared for and some you are not”. Model of Wepreneure doing good is not based on social capitalists, but on transactions grounded on philanthropic as well as a business value.

Wepreneure has two full time employees now. We will be more soon. 

Through the Wepreneure we will provide the support and self-development training to the small-scale entrepreneurs to demonstration their bent.

Jyoti wants to make sure that Wepreneure arises as a one window Center for all Rural and Urban small-scale enterprises.  Will connect all of them on one platform.

This write up is submitted by Ms.Jyoti Verma – who is CEO of SNG Trust and The Voice.

She also think that they have taken the initiative to provide them basic necessities of life.

Soon we will create a mobile application as well were benefactors directly to reach the needy and sustenance them directly to offer food, books, toys and medical support.

Goals that we properly set, write down and focus on daily can be achieved faster and easier. Here are five steps to help you succeed in fulfilling your desires:


  • Kartika Sharma

    I’m a voracious reader and a motivational coach. I am also deeply inspired by Arianna Huffington. I firmly believe in positive thinking and try to incorporate that in all walks of life.

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