Loading up on goals and plans at the turn of the decade and the unveiling of a new year is typical for most of us, especially those of us in the entrepreneurial space. Let’s face it, there are a lot of wishes and prayers that go along with being a founder. Yet by mid-February 80% of us abandon our goals.

What can change that statistic?

YOU can!

One day and one action-step at a time!

Creating success strategies that speak your language empower your goals to not only take flight but to thrive. Only you can show up for your decisions! That is why the dawning of 2020 is the perfect time to reset, and to cultivate a new habit of choice that brings you closer to what you want every single day! When I founded my coaching practice, I initially let a lot of decisions slip by, often leaving success or failure up to which way the wind was blowing! I learned super quickly that no one else was going to take ownership of my choices. I had to do that for myself. I had to do that to run and grow my business.

To be effective, all this entrepreneurial reset takes is one hour of your time! One hour a day. Repeated daily over the course of the year ahead, you yield a 2 week + commitment journey of fresh ideas, action steps, new perspectives, and elevated energy. 365 hours that transform how you lead you, and how you manage and attain your goals in 2020. That hour brings decision-making and the power of possibility into every single day. That hour creates a habit. A habit that drives and enables solutions one commitment at a time.

The hour I am referencing is your Hour of Choice.

By building a decision-making hour into every day, you create new habits that keep you in a consistent and meaningful conversation with yourself. James Clear, an expert on the art and power of habits tells us that when you learn to transform your habits you transform your life. Anyone can write a business plan or wish for more money or more time in their lives. The one thing that separates those that set goals from those who get those goals is their ability to decide. By setting aside one hour a day to explore, cultivate, and activate decision-making in real time, you spark a habit that literally gives you in-the-moment permission to build out the life you want, the business you envision, the legacy you want to live.

The result?

  • More clarity and alignment in overall leadership abilities.
  • Increased fulfillment and a build in creativity and accountability.
  • Better connection to yourself and others.
  • Ownership of your goals and legacy.
  • The power to lead with solutions.
  • Intentions that breed achievements.

Ready to access your Hour of Choice? Do this now:

  • Establish a daily meeting time with yourself. One hour a day, undisturbed. It can be first thing in the morning, last thing in the evening, high noon, at the end of your workday, or while you hike. It is fine if your hour varies, just make sure to gift this time to yourself. Calendar it in so that it pops up on your actual calendar as a dedicated meeting. Consider planning your Hour of Choice into your weekly schedule every Sunday evening so that you stay on top of dedicating the time, space, and commitment in which to grow your new habit of choice.
  • Every day make an updated and moment-centric list of the decisions you need to make. Keep in mind that you represent you in 360 degrees, which means that your decisions span both the personal and professional aspects of your life. Write your upcoming choices down as if you already own the outcome you desire. Then dig deeper. Something may seem as if it does not have another vantage point or solution available, yet if you examine the situation further, you may very well extract a different angle or perspective that can change everything. Don’t allow your choices to be blocked or hindered by fear or excuses.
  • Once you begin your daily Hour of Choice meeting, start your hour by visiting the decisions you have committed to making in the previous days. Thread through any additional action steps or tweaks you need to address to see them through. Where do you need to pivot and turn rather than quit and abort?  If you do need to edit and make choice changes then what have you learned from what did not work? What can you do now?
  • Create a Book of Choice to both hold and activate your decisions. This book is not a journal or a diary but rather a meaningful and individualized place to connect to intuition, insight, new ideas and the essence of possibility and opportunity that choices impact and enable. Bring your Book of Choice to your daily one-hour meeting and use it to keep yourself accountable to your wins and your restarts and to staying in the conversation on taking ownership of your business and your life. Leadership starts on your very first page! Begin from wherever you are. This book will support you in both editing what is holding you back and expanding in-real-time on what you can create right now! Let it remind you of what you want and why, and may it marry your goals set with your accomplishments achieved.


  • Randi Levin

    Transitional Life Strategist, Keynote, Author, & Reinvention Expert

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    Randi Levin CPC, founder & CEO, Randi Levin Coaching – is a nationally recognized virtual transitional life strategist, Fortune 500 keynote, author, thought leader, and reinvention expert. Female founders, entrepreneurs, and women in transition hire Randi to support them in managing and leading change and in recalibrating and redefining legacy and success in a moment-centric, action-forward way that drives self-leadership and renewal. She is a relatable resource and an action-oriented coach, pivot partner, speaker, and thought-Leader, building upon her 15+ years in Corporate America, her tenure as a SAHM, and her successful reinvent as an entrepreneur and sought after strategist. Randi Levin is featured on national stages and in top media outlets and podcasts. You may have seen her interviewed, featured or quoted in Thrive Global, Forbes, HuffPost, The Ladders, Fairygodboss, Reader’s Digest, Business Insider, MSN, Yahoo Lifestyle or American Express OPEN Forum.. Her workshops have been featured in The Wall Street Journal. Randi is the creator of The Personal Success Accelerator System and you can access her virtually in The Recalibration Network.