Everyone who owns or plans on owning a small business wants their personality to reflect throughout their work. We think that it’s important that people are able to express themselves and appeal to an audience that will love the product and appreciate the voice used during all means of communication including content, social media, and customer service.

Let’s take a dive in and look at ways you can inject your personality into every aspect of your business. We are going to take a look at why you should start a blog to establish your brand voice, how to talk to customers, and how you can visually represent yourself through your website design.

Use a Blog to Build Your Brand Voice

After you decide to open a business, you should create a blog to establish your brand voice. In many cases, your brand voice is just a reflection of yourself. There’s a good chance that when someone finds your website, it will be through your blog content. Everyone knows that first impressions matter, so it’s vital that you take the time to create content in a way that shows off your personality traits in a way that’s appealing to customers.

Every single content-based creator has their own way of speaking. Think about your favorite YouTuber, what is it that you like about them? Chances are, there are tons of other people publishing the same exact information. The big difference is their personality and mannerisms. If you want to build a memorable brand voice a blog is an excellent starting point.  

As you develop more content for your website, your followers will get to know your company through your personality in a similar way to how we make friends. Before long, they feel a sense of loyalty to your business because you feel like an old friend.

Engage with Followers on Social Media

You can develop your personality further by talking to the people who are interested in your product, service, or content on social media. Facebook alone gets about 2.38 billion active users per month. There are countless people who would love to engage with your company regarding your niche including breaking news in the industry, or your individual products.

When you talk to followers online, you’re letting your personality shine through and folks are getting a glimpse of the person behind the brand. One of the funniest examples of this practice is the fast food chain Wendy’s. Everyone has seen the posts that the Wendy’s brand makes on social media in an effort to bring humor and a touch of sass to the once lifeless hamburger brand.  

Those looking to expand their business use this technique because it allows them to figure out what kind of marketing material will appeal to your audience when advertising. For example, if you get a strong response based on your cheerful way of speaking, you could use that personality trait to develop ads that will expand your brand and bring more personality to your company than ever before.

Optimize Your Web Design

It’s possible to non-verbally show your personality through the design of your website. We already know that color has a profound effect on the way visitors perceive our brand. For example, red encourages excitement and urgency while blue instills calm and trust. When you’re designing your website, try to match your layout including fonts, featured images, text, and colors with your personality.

For example, if you’re operating a small business that sells motorcycle parts, you’re going to want to create feelings of confidence and ruggedness. You may also want to incorporate some imagery in your banner and throughout your content. The final aspect is making sure your text and font match with the images and colors displayed throughout your site.


We were all lead to believe that when you start a business you have to erase your own personality from the formula. If you take a look at some of the most popular brands in the world, the opposite seems to be true. There’s nothing wrong with expressing who you are through your brand. The most important aspects are whether you’re being true to yourself and whether you’re making a meaningful impact on your audience and customers.