The changing of the clocks on November 7th marks the beginning of daylight savings time. Many people dread this transition because it means that they lose an hour out of their evening, making the nights seem longer, says Georges Chahwan. If you are feeling particularly stressed about it this year, here are a few tips to make your day feel longer and help you adjust to the new schedule.

Start working on projects for school or work at home so that when bedtime approaches you can rest assured knowing that today went by quickly and tomorrow will be easier with an extra hour in the morning! Also, it’s going to be dark when you wake up tomorrow, do a little house cleaning and get your bedroom ready for the night. Once your room is clean and free from distractions it will be easy to fall asleep.

It’s always better to burn off stress with exercise rather than try to release stress at home, adds Georges Chahwan. Work out during the day so that by the time bedtime rolls around you have burned enough energy. Try taking the time to read a book before bed rather than zoning out on your phone or computer. Reading is calming, relaxing and it will help to take your mind off of those lost hours. Everyone copes with stress differently, so try some different techniques until you find one that works best for you!