If we’re frank, we don’t care about how lucky we are for the positive things that happen in our lives like being alive, most of the times. Often, I will realize how grateful I am with what I have, such as my fitness, family and friends. It is like a cool surge of gratitude clearing me of my fears, pressures and difficulties.

Too many of us are always yearning for more—more wealth, more gleaming new toys, more possessions. And we seek material things with greater zeal than we do what has been scientifically shown to maximize happiness: appreciation, memories, and time.

What’s going on? Rich people, according to research, are no happier on a daily basis than the rest of us. In reality, many people are more depressed and spend less time doing things they love.

Test these empirically tactics by psychologists if you want to learn to understand what you have and stop wanting more:

Practice Gratitude to Value What You Have

Individuals who are grateful are happier with their friendships and family relationships. They’re less tired and anxious, and they’re healthier as a result. They have a stronger sense of responsibility over their lives, higher self-esteem, and better coping skills when things get difficult. So, how do you get to live a life of gratitude? You could write a thank-you note to someone you’ve never adequately thanked, or keep a gratitude journal and write three things you’re thankful for every day.

A group of participants were asked to do this appreciation exercise every day for a week in one sample. Despite the fact that the exercise lasted just seven days, participants were happier and less stressed a month later than they were at baseline, and they were happier and less depressed at the three- and six-month follow-ups.

Get to know somebody who doesn’t have the same resources as you.

Consider something you own that you can take for granted: your mildly (or very) filthy 2002 Camry, or the dependable laptop you use every day. Now converse with someone who does not possess the object. What is their daily routine like? What challenges do they face if they don’t have the stuff you take for granted? Trying to connect with people that are different from us broadens our empathy and understanding, as well as our community spirit getting to meet people who don’t have the stuff we take for granted makes us appreciate what we do have even more.

Give more to appreciate what you already have.

Do you want the most bang for your buck? Spend your money in a positive way. Consider giving it to a loved one or donating it to charity the next time you’re going to buy something new for yourself. Participants in a University study were given $100 or $200 and asked to spend it on themselves or on someone else. Happiness levels were slightly higher in the category that invested their money on something else. You can get help with your business today to appreciate what you have achieved and be happy.


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