Hayes Thomas is the founder of HCT Concierge , a company that specialises in looking after the needs of celebrities and elites alike. The company offers services ranging from night-life to chauffeur services, personal shopping, entertainment, luxury transportation. HCT looks after the likes of Dele Ali, Jadon Sancho, Tammy Abraham –  Here is how Hayes Thomas stays motivated and his success tips in this career choice.

Success Habit 

Networking is his main key to success, taking every opportunity to add value and services to his most exclusive clients. It is also essential to establish business partnerships. Furthermore, in the lifestyle industry,, his partnerships allow him to offer exclusive rates and incredible efficiency with his services. 


Hayes is mainly motivated by this career path choosing him. He naturally developed a passion for this field. He works with will and determination to help the world’s elites to achieve the life they desire, creating seamless integration of HCT. His enthusiasm and drive mostly stems from his childhood passion of luxury lifestyle and freedom to do as he pleases.

Biggest Tip

Take time for yourself and dont burn yourself out. When working the grind is real, but always take time to get your energy back and have gratitude for your situation, whatever that may be. Work hard, rest well and enjoy the ride.