Burnout is defined as a condition caused by extreme work-related stress. It is preventable if it is caught early, but many young professionals have a laser-focused ambition that sometimes puts self-care on the back burner. This includes having a poor sleep regimen and a lack of mental health breaks throughout the workday. In these unprecedented times, it is now more important than ever to maintain a healthy work-life balance to avoid burnout querying quarantine

Some symptoms of early burnout can be identified as a lack of focus, uncharacteristic irritability, and physical symptoms such as stomach pain. Stress is well-known to be the cause of an increase in the hormone, Cortisol. In the most extreme cases, this might have an impact on physical issues such as blood flow, stomach ulcers, and cardiac problems.  

Studies have shown that the brain needs to reset periodically in order to maximize productivity. Experts agree that there should be ideally 17 minutes of rest for every 52 minutes of work. Of course, this is an ideal situation which is not the reality for most people. Even if you take short breaks, it will help you in many weighs, such as weighing the pros and cons of an issue, giving yourself time to focus and reset, and gain a different perspective about any concerns you may have.

Another way to avoid burnout, especially if your home and office are the same space, is to designate an area for the hours you will be working, as opposed to relaxing. Being able to excuse yourself from a physical area into another tells your brain that you are now off the clock. This also holds true the other way. When you wake up in the morning, it’s important to leave your sleep area in order to begin your workday. Merging the two environments will lead to problems like insomnia and potentially poor fitness and dietary habits. 

If you are used to the social interactions of working with a team, it’s important you stay in touch remotely via video meetings. This not only reminds people they aren’t alone in isolation, but it also helps distract from this temporary situation we are all in and reminds us of the bigger picture. A refreshing perspective is a great tool when times get stressful and people feel overwhelmed.