The overwhelming and often the unexpected journey of drug recovery has taken a harder turn during this global pandemic. As employers, companies should understand that employees in recovery need extra care and consideration while doing any work. As an employee, you should tell your employer the hardships that you’re facing to mitigate any problems and maximize the work output.

There is no way to make this situation perfectly alright for someone in addiction recovery; however, there are some ways you could make the situation favorable for some in recovery. The introverts must have been cheering on working from home but for someone actively in recovery staying at home all day and just working is surely a nightmare.

Here are 5 ways you can deal with drug recovery effectively while working from home during the pandemic.

1. Establish A Routine

The recovery process is also a step by step thing and so the best way to keep yourself on track is to establish a routine. During the process of recovery, having a routine is the most important thing. It helps you stay emotionally motivated and sane in a time of social distancing and quarantine.

Since you are working from home you may be able to sleep a little long as no time is going to be wasted on travelling, so increase your sleeping time but still make a timetable. Set a time for breakfast, your counselling sessions, any group tasks, or online tasks you have from work and your recovery center both. Use a task manager to manage your work with recovery and set time for both things.

2. Unplug and Relax

Managing recovery and work from home is already hard enough and then the emotional turmoil of hearing the number of cases and deaths everyday will really waste any progress you make emotionally or even physically. Stay well informed but keep yourself away from the overload of information.

This may trigger your anxiety or depression and lead to some regrettable decisions so it’s always best to take as much time away from news outlets both on social media and TV. Spend time with your family, watch movies with them or play board games! Try to keep yourself busy in work or fun and away from drugs!  

3. Maintain Your Physical Health

Part of drug recovery is regaining your physical health. Many drugs tend to suck out the nutrients from your body and cause your face to look dull. Some people also suffer weight loss because substances like alcohol are empty calories which fill you up providing no nutrition thus excessive weight loss and an unhealthy appearance.

It may be hard to go out in certain areas but in some areas, you can go for a run if you are socially distancing and wearing a mask. Either go for a run in the morning or in the evening and if you can’t do that then exercise at home. Make a routine with your family, it’s easier to stay motivated with a group of people or just some good old YouTube videos!

4. Seek Help Online

During COVID-19 there will no more AA meetings or recovery group meetings happening physically but people in recovery will always need it. Alcoholics Anonymous has a website dedicated to providing help online using forums like Zoom and Google Hangouts. Talking to someone with a similar struggle will provide relief and hope to anyone in recovery most importantly being able to relate and discuss struggles will offer a lot of comfort.

Video chats after a long day of work will always provide peace and a higher level of contact. Schedule an online coffee or lunch with your group members to avoid feeling overwhelmed during this prolonged period of social isolation. Build a sober social network.

5. Explore New Things

Life as it is, is too boring and difficult. During this pandemic, understand that working is important and so maintain yourself in this quarantine. This might be the best time to take up on a new hobby or learn a new skill. Don’t spend all your day working, try to stick to the usual office hours and then try to do something else. After work, try YouTube to learn the best DIY projects and maybe redecorate your house.

Relapsing during quarantine is very likely so keeping yourself busy and engaged in these small things will always keep your mind off drugs. One fun thing you can do is connect with your online support group and try to learn a new skill together, the sense of competition will motivate you further. The best thing you will learn in this pandemic is staying happy with yourself and that’s a life long gift to yourself.

In the end what matters is supporting your peers and anyone in need. Especially during this time where people are suffering from financial hardships, emotional problems and much more. As an employer try to engage in more conversations with your employees and offer online support through your HR department. Just remember that the pandemic is going to end and life will become normal once again.