Some people believe that money makes the world go round while others would say otherwise. Either way, money is an important factor because it’s what people use to buy the commodities that they need to live a happy and secure life. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial freedom to not worry about money. The thought of running out of money is a fear of many even those who have good jobs and/or profitable businesses.  This adds to the amount of stress that they already have to deal with and can ultimately cause burnout. 

To avoid burning out due to money problems, serial entrepreneur Nicola Smith Jackson shares some tips on how people can take care of themselves and their finances. 

Reducing Stress Around Money

Nicola is passionate about teaching people the right way to handle their finances so they can enjoy financial freedom and a brighter future. And she’s aware of how money can cause people to become overwhelmed because she experienced it firsthand. 

So instead of overworking, she advises investing money in the right place. 

“Invest money regularly so you wonʼt have to actively work for money forever then give and contribute to others,” she said. 

And when it comes to burnout in general, she advises having a daily schedule that includes a regimen of non-negotiable self-care to lower stress levels. This will give people more stamina and balance to seize the day with more productivity. 

Empowering Others to Make Smart Money Moves

Born into an immigrant family, Nicola learned about getting good grades and working hard. She was also taught to save and own a home. She later learned that it would take more than the basics about money to achieve autonomy in life . She wanted more time with her family and knew she would need to earn more money without having to labor for every dollar. 

While she was working to procure this kind of life. She discovered  that being grounded with solid values helped her navigate through the obstacles of life while building wealth.  With the help of mentors in her life who made a lasting impression on her abundance approach to business and money which has proven to be one of the secrets to her success. 

Nicola shares “My grandmother worked as a nanny in wealthy people’s homes and taught me never to let money take you where character canʼt keep you. Then my late mentor Myles Munroe taught me that passion and purpose will lead me to true prosperity.” This has led to fulfilling and fruitful ventures. 

Nicola is the founder of the Pink Millionaire Club, a coaching program teaching women how to make, manage  and multiply money . She encourages them to build wealth so they can retire younger , happier and richer.  Nicola also created PINKPrint™, a wealth education system, and the Money Mansion, a financial ascension program that helps individuals to connect the financial dots between the haves and the have nots.

These businesses stemmed from Nicola’s passion to help people create a growth mindset so they can develop their purpose and create a work-life balance.,

Using time-tested wealth principles, Nicola has helped many to create stronger financial independence, so they can have access to resources to reduce debt, save money, purchase homes, make smarter money moves to get better results with their finances. 

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