Invest Burnout - john Shramko

Burnout has grown to become one of the biggest mental health issues, particularly in the workplace. This has likely been an issue for decades, but only now are we in a place to properly label and identify it as a complex set of mental health struggles.

Investing itself can be particularly strenuous, despite what people may think about the work. It takes high risk-tolerance, and the success rate is largely out of your control as an investor. It also doesn’t typically have set work-time, leading to long days and longer hours. But you don’t have to accept this stress.

Go on a Vacation

The most immediate method to attack burnout is to just stop working. This isn’t to say quitting is the best thing, but taking advantage of any vacation time you can spare will be eminently helpful in reducing and eliminating burnout. Plan something that you enjoy and is out of the ordinary – don’t just sleep or watch TV. Go for a hike, schedule a meetup with friends, or anything else that will bring you joy.

Re-Discover Yourself

Investing, whether real estate or otherwise, isn’t a career for everyone. It’s often the kind of work that attracted you for a specific reason – re-discovering this reason can help you stave off burnout for far longer. Just like the old adage says: “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.” This is because when you have the right passion and drive behind you, the stress and anxiety will fade away. 

Find the Cause

Understanding your burnout is deeply personal and close to home. But finding the source of your stress and anxieties is critical to long-term success. Even if you succeed in shrugging off burnout, you won’t be able to prevent its return without working on the causes. Seeing a therapist or other mental health help can be very helpful for this.

Plan Your Way Out

Once you’ve managed to reset a bit, you need to create a detailed plan that will allow you to better handle your workload, improve your experience, and feel more satisfaction with work. This is something that is only possible if you know the cause of your burnout, which will allow you to see a successful plan.

Burnout is frustrating, but know that it isn’t a ‘failing’ of any kind. This is something that is bound to happen from time to time when you are a dedicated working professional. This isn’t something that is inevitable though. You can have the means to work through this, and you won’t have to go it alone.