I used to be an energy vampire magnet. They’d flock to me in droves like moths to a porch light.

If you’re not familiar with energy vampires, they’re the folks that literally suck the life force out of a person by taking more than they give. They take of someone’s time, support, air space, generosity, etc. without giving the other person a second thought.

When I say that “I used to be an energy vampire magnet,” I mean it. No more! And in order to get to the “no more!” I had to ask myself what I was doing to attract energy vampires in the first place. Guess what I realized?

It wasn’t their fault. They were doing what they do best. It was my fault.

I was being a total pushover and allowing all the advantage taking to happen. And all because I wanted to be liked and accepted. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Constantly giving without any return only leads to a drained battery. Not a ton of reliable, healthy relationships.)

Does any of this sound familiar?Do you have relationships in your life that are WAY out of balance?Are there folks in your world that deplete your energy?


Tip 1: Dealing with energy vampires requires an understanding that everyone is where they need to be at that given moment. We may not like what the person is doing or even who they are, but being able to accept them and accept where they are will help us to protect our own energy.

Tip 2: Using boundaries to protect our necks. It’s important when setting boundaries that we’re clear on what we will allow and what we won’t allow in our relationships. Most importantly, any boundary we set we must be willing and ready to uphold at all times. If we don’t, our boundaries will not be respected or taken seriously.

Tip 3: Speak our truth. Sometimes all it takes is telling someone how we feel in a constructive and loving way. We may find the person is not even aware of their energy-zapping behavior and once made aware will work on changing it.

Tip 4: Cut the ties that bind (OR at least limit our time with them). We needn’t worry that if we cut loose an energy vampire that we’ll be deemed as selfish and uncaring. OR worse, be all alone. By removing or limiting contact with an energy vampire we’re creating the space to attract people who are willing to give and receive (EQUALLY!).

Oh, and here’s something cool, by cutting the ties we send a strong message to the Universe. The message that we matter and that we want people in our lives that support us just as much as we support them.

Tip 5: Inventory ourselves. Are we sucking energy somewhere? What’s causing us to allow energy vampires into our world? Just by recognizing where we may be sucking energy and why we’re attracting energy vampires helps us to become more aware of where we need to plug the energy drains.

Healthy relationships whether they’re romantic, platonic, or business all need and deserve to have a healthy balance in order to thrive. My wish for all of us is that we treat our energy as a precious commodity. WE ARE WORTH IT and anyone who’s worth being in our lives will feel the same!As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Until next time, much love, positive energy, & light to you…

Originally published at www.whatswithinu.com.