Jealousy is a natural sentiment that arises when we love someone so much we don’t want to lose them. A little jealousy is present in every relationship. However, when that jealousy becomes severe and uncomfortable, the relationship can go downhill quickly. Below, I am including seven tips to avoid jealousy in a relationship.

If I am feeling low on myself, I like to take long walks to reflect and clear my mind. I always find that this helps me build strength and self esteem.

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1.    Communicate to make things clearer

When we don’t have enough data to form a conclusion, our brains fill in the blanks using imagination. We can’t have round-the-clock surveillance on our partner. That’s why strong communication skills are so vital. If we have a concern, we should openly discuss it calmly with our partner. When asking questions, we should make sure not to come off as nosy or intrusive.

2.    Respect boundaries

Everyone deserves to have their personal space. Nothing is incriminating about someone wanting to keep their secrets. We need to respect our partner’s boundaries. Prying and interrogating them about everything shows distrust and can be uncomfortable for them.

3.    Give them the benefit of the doubt

If we find something strange or suspicious about our partner, we have two options. We can either consider them guilty, or give them the benefit of the doubt. If all we have to go with are our imagination and some rumors, it’s best to neglect them and convince ourselves that our partner had good reason to do such a thing.

4.    Avoid testing them

If someone has gotten into a relationship with us, they probably have a good reason for it. There is no need for someone to prove how much they care for us. Continuously asking for proof of love can be very annoying. What’s worse is when people try to test their partners. Testing, playing games, and toying with the partner’s mind are toxic traits that only serve to weaken our relationships.

5.    Try to improve self-confidence

Jealousy often stems from low self-esteem. We believe we are not good enough, and our partner might leave us from someone else. We should convince ourselves that it’s not true, and our partner has chosen us over everyone else.

6.    Weed out insecurities

Self-confidence can also be improved by removing our insecurities. If we believe someone can be a better fit for our partner, we should ask ourselves why we think that. While it isn’t always a good idea to change our personality for our partner, there’s no harm in working towards self-improvement. Once again, this is where open and candid communication is crucial. We should make sure if our partner even wants us to change.

7.    Have better things to think about

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. People who have more important things on their minds have no time to have thoughts of jealousy. Those who have nothing better to do, though, seldom have positive thoughts. When we feel jealous in a relationship, idle thoughts serve to exacerbate these feelings. So it is best to occupy our mind somewhere else whenever we think this way.