During these times it is increasingly difficult to stay focused and concentrated in work schedules, this is due to the fact that there are many distractions in our day to day. 

Has it ever happened to you that you are doing a job and out of nowhere you take your cell phone to check a message and then you find yourself on Facebook watching memes and out of nowhere you have already spent more than 20 minutes of what you thought was just checking a simple message, well this is known as procrastination.

Let’s go a little further and define procrastination as the action of postponing or postponing activities or situations that should be attended, replacing them with other more irrelevant or pleasant situations for fear or laziness to face them. (Wikipedia)

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It is not wrong to be distracted for a while between work, but it is not right when procrastination becomes a habit, and the consequences of normalizing procrastination are lower work performance and poor productivity.

That is why starting from the definition of what is Procrastination allows me to show you the 5 tips that will help you to control and leave aside this bad practice.Let’s start


By start I don’t mean just start and go, but commit to start your activity, work or the task you have with the firm intention of finishing it in the best way. Sometimes we do not feel like doing things and that is when we fall into simple distractions, so the number one step is to start no matter how difficult it is. It really won’t be as difficult as we think if we commit to doing things right. Think that the more time you waste on distractions the longer and more tiring everything will be.


We know that sometimes it is difficult to find concentration if we work in noisy offices or sometimes when we are in crowded places it is just as difficult. For this you need to buy good headphones and find the right playlist that motivates you and allows you to concentrate and ignore everything that is happening around you, but the best way to concentrate is to be in a place where you feel alone and comfortable, if possible certainly do not miss this incredible opportunity.

Work alone

If it is possible for you to do work without having to involve many people, do it. Sometimes surrounding ourselves with people when we need to be focused is usually the worst decision because if one of them is not focused on what they are doing it will be very easy to get distracted from their goal. So as much as possible try to surround yourself with collaborators who are as committed as you are or work on your own.

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Organize yourself

Divide all your tasks, because without an order your plan for the day can become overwhelming, so I recommend you to divide each of your tasks in order of priority, the indispensable activities or those that most need to be completed go first and those with less sense of urgency at the end. Set yourself schedules that help you organize yourself in the best way; set realistic times between one activity and another, you know your capabilities and the time in which you think you can finish them in the right way.

Be realistic

When organizing yourself, be realistic with your time and your goals for the day, don’t try to do everything in one moment. Organize your time and set small goals between your schedules this way you will be able to rest and you will not feel so heavy the passage of time.

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As an extra tip we recommend you to take advantage of every moment of the day and remember that every moment is very important and valuable, so although it sounds tempting to enter social networks and see memes or stories on Instagram, time is still running and doing this type of activities in work time can take away valuable moments of work.

In conclusion during the day there is enough time to do everything and it’s just a matter of starting, concentrating, choosing the best equipment to work with and a good place where you feel comfortable. A fundamental piece to avoid procrastination is to have a good organization during the day and be realistic about the time you use to develop each activity. Once you have mastered these 5 tips you will make your days more and more productive.