For your body, sugar means ANYTHING that tastes sweet.

Have you been wondering lately why you can’t stick to a goal, finish a task, or have a really hard time motivating yourself? The solution may be “as simple as” removing sugar from your diet. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Detoxing from sugar is not just a simple process. Many people experience fatigue, headaches, or even a feeling of sadness or depression. Our society’s dependence on the sugar and caffeine industry has created a huge problem in our ability to be productive, and the problem continues to grow every day. 

In order to understand the reasons behind procrastination you need to understand the domino effect that sugar causes inside your body.

For your body, sugar means ANYTHING that tastes sweet. Your body doesn’t know how to distinguish sugar, honey, syrup, or aspartame. If it tastes sweet, it is SUGAR!

The sweet pleasure affects three major organs once we ingest it:

  • Pancreas
  • Liver
  • Brain

How sugar affects your pancreas?

Your pancreas constantly screens your blood to find sugar, that’s all it does. It finds sugar, and as I said anything sweet in your mouth means sugar for your pancreas, releases two things:

Fat: to protect your internal organs

Insulin: to counteract the sugar level.

Depending on the amount of sugar, it will release more or less fat and insulin. This is the fat that makes you fat. The more sugars or sweeteners you intake, the higher is the level of fat and insulin creating a problem called insulin resistance. Insulin resistance means your body can’t tell anymore if you are eating sugar or not, your pancreas releases insulin consistently because it lost track of what it is meant to do.

How sugar affects your liver?

Your liver has to process what you eat into nutrients that are going to be used in the different areas of the body. When the liver gets something that it doesn’t identify as sugar, its immediate response is to process this tiny molecule as a potential threat for the body. In order to prevent future problems, the liver wraps this molecule with fat and stores it into the thousands of small conducts the liver has. This is one of the reasons people develop fatty liver.

How sugar affects your brain?

It is very naive to think that sugar brings your energy levels up. It doesn’t. In fact, what it does is tricks the brain into thinking your energy levels are up by disabling the neurotransmitters in your brain. Neurotransmitters are the neurons we need to go from a thought to take action. This step makes your brain believe it is energized and what really happens is your brain is high as a kite with no will power to take any action, including stop eating the freaking SUGAR!!

I am not saying to stop eating sugar all at once, but consider the possibility for the future. Meanwhile there are a couple of superfoods that will help you to support your body to overcome the symptoms of eating it.

For your Liver you can eat Chlorella to cleanse the liver from bleaching process.

For your Pancreas: Stop eating added sugars on a daily basis, fruit sugars are okay in measure, but not diet coke because it is still sugar and it will trigger your insulin levels. 

For your Brain, eat Raw Cacao powder to increase neurotransmitters.

All these three actions will support you to take more action and overcome procrastination in your life. 

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD consider quitting sugars, it might just be all you need to have a more functional brain.

For more support and personal information on this topic, schedule a Health Intake Session with me or my highly trained Brain & Behavior Coaches.