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There are a lot of people who are affected by the pandemic. One of the challenges is the need to work remotely. Other people have been doing this for a long time. Some are just required to do it now because it is not safe to go to the office 69% of employees experience burnout symptoms

In the beginning, it seemed fun. A lot of people feel that it is going to be nice that they do not have to work hard in order to make themselves look presentable. They do not have to commute to and from the office. They do not have to meet up with people that they do not genuinely like every day. Being part of a remote development team can also come with some challenges that you may not have foreseen in the beginning.

Working from home is not always easy. You need to find teams of remote developers that will work effectively. The main issue is they may experience burnout which can make them less productive than usual. Some have noticed that they are finding it harder to disconnect from their jobs. They are in meetings even while eating their lunch. Some find themselves trying to finish the tasks that they have set to do before sleeping at night. It can make people feel that they do not have a life beyond their work anymore. 67% of people who are working from home feel that they need to be available at all hours – even beyond work hours. 

What Exactly is Burnout?

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People assume that people may only get burnout because of stress from the office. For most people, this is true. They may get stressed because of the demands of their job. It is even harder when people are working from home because they are not getting the same camaraderie and support that they used to get from before.

When you get burned out, you will experience the following:

  •  You will not be as motivated as before to carry out your tasks because you feel that you are mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted.
  •  You may also begin to feel like the things that you are not doing are not creating any impact on your life anymore.
  •  Some people may begin to feel that their work-life balance is blurred. You know that you have to be one of the dependable people in the remote development team. Yet, you may feel like you are not strong enough to handle the tasks anymore.

There is more pressure for people to remember that they should still keep their life at home and their life in the office separate. 80% of people feel that they would rather have a boss that cares for them as compared to having an increase in their salary at this point.

Why Does Burnout Occur Even When Working Remotely

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Burnout is actually increasing among people who have to work from home. They find themselves doing work-related things even when they are doing their chores. Their schedules are not as definite as they used to be before. 

You may also think that this is a problem. There are things that you have to do at home that you frankly do not have energy for because you have done everything needed to complete the tasks that your job requires. You may also feel that your workload has increased. There are also a lot of distractions at home that are making it harder for you to concentrate on your tasks.

The pressure that you have to be an essential part of the development team may not immediately help. This explains why some companies are specifically looking for people who have done stellar remote work in the past from companies that specialize in providing remote workers from different parts of the world. They know that they need to have a dedicated development team so that the company will keep on thriving during the pandemic.

How to Avoid Remote Employee Burnout

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You know that you need to work well even when you are working from home. The best thing that you can do are the following:

  •  Make sure that you will develop boundaries. Give yourself a break, especially during weekends.
  •  Once you know that work hours are done, you can turn off your notifications. You can stop checking your email too.
  •  Allow yourself to do more personal activities that can help lift your mood.
  •  Focus on work during your work hours, then focus on personal things when you know that you are already done with work.
  •  Find some hobbies that you can do that will make you feel better, especially when you are beginning to grow tired of what you are doing.


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It is important for companies to always take note of the welfare of their employees. Remote developers will work better when they know that their companies are looking after them and their health. According to some polls, more than 60% of workers feel that their companies are discouraging time off from work. 

Remembering the tips to work remotely will allow you to feel that you can be a vital part of a remote development team while also being a good family member at home. Setting boundaries will always be important.