Today, we are seeing four different approaches from professionals who only months ago where having yet another solid year. One is the panicked, his approach includes hoarding all the meat, wine and cheeses. Panicking folks have accumulated enough toilet paper to last you 3years.  They are hibernating. They are scared. That’s probably not you, because you are reading this article. Number two is the petrified, not like in stone, but really, these folks are stuck.  That could be you right now you’re wondering what do I do? And number three is the proactive. They’re productive. They’re out there. They’re making their calls there, talking to their clients, they’re going forward. Those that are productive are having success and having conversations. There are no gatekeepers. They’re gone. However just being proactive is not enough.

Then there is the fourth P – Those that have Pivoted.  Think about it.  What did Haynes, Inc. the maker of underwear, do? They made masks. What did Tesla do?  Besides send a few good men to space, they made ventilators.  What do you doing today? If your answer is, I’m going to the same thing I always have, then you will become obsolete.  At least for the foreseeable future.  You must pivot, and pivot now.

Two months ago, I woke up, in a combination of excitement and apprehension knowing we needed to pivot.  I knew that people would immediately panic and stop investing in themselves.   It happens every time there is a major market shift.  However, I have found those that invest in themselves, while everyone else is hibernating, are the ones who end up on top during and after the downturn.   So, when I woke up I knew we needed to change our approach and our offerings.  After 3 weeks we completely redesigned everything we were doing and launched a new offering to the market.  This isn’t a case a “hey look what we did”, but more “Hey – what have you done?”  You need to take control of your business today and reposition, redesign or remake your offerings to an audience that is no longer the same as it was in February.

You need to go out and determine really what’s your best role right now. What’s your best role right now for your clients and for yourself, and for your family?  And just don’t think about today, think about next quarter and next year.  The market, it’s going to change.  As I write this article, we would normally be getting ready for college and professional football.  Have you notice the extensive pivots some conferences have taken?  There are those that have delayed their starts to their season, some have contemplated moving to the Spring, yet others have decided to suspend play until 2021.  All however have adapted to the current normal.  By the way, you don’t have the option of waiting till 2021.

The most impactful approach you can take today, related to your financial and professional health, is to become a “growth agent”.  Be the resource for all your prospects, clients and network.  Build your own network of resources and leverage them to become the go to person amongst your clients.

Here are three questions you need to answer to get through what the next 2 months may be, 6 months or longer. 

1 – What’s your pivot plan? What specifically are you going to do to reposition and/or build your business and what are you going to offer to the market that will resonate, will add value, and perhaps, that people will be willing to pay for?  For some of you, this may not be an easy question.

2 – What’s your relaunch plan?  Where are you going to grow now? The fact is, whether we like it or not, you need to look in the mirror and realize that you got yourself where we are today. Now I’m not talking about the pandemic and the and whatever else is going on. That’s a significant issue.  We’re talking about where you are right now and where will you move forward.   If you aren’t in position to take the financial hit this crisis is causing, why not?  What do you have to do to build a sustainable business to absorb these hits better than others?

Number 3 – Are your clients calling you and if not, why not?  All over the world people are calling their most important relationships for answers, for guidance.  No doubt you have probably called your accountant, perhaps financial advisor and maybe even your local preacher.  But are people calling you?  If they are not, you have not positioned yourself as a resource, you have not separated yourself as someone who can obviously help.  And if they are not calling you who that provides your service are, they calling?

Today you have an incredible opportunity to review, reflect, reposition, and yes pivot.  If you think hibernating is the answer, then you are already obsolete.