Awaken Your Inner Hero

Someone recently told me I am an amplifier. This truly resonated with me. This function I feel in my heart. I help others to find their purpose so that they can thrive and fulfill their function. Entrepreneurship, the internet, inner work, coaching and teaching are all tools of our times for amplifying the innate power of us human beings – empowering us, setting us free. Finding ourselves – finding our TRUE SELF – will bring back the balance our world yearns for.

For many years, rather decades, I wasn’t fulfilling my function. I couldn’t live up to my purpose. Out of various reasons. One was a kaleidoscope of fears, anxieties, and low self-esteem that were holding me back. Yet another was that I never actually knew who I really am. This is not what you learn as a child or in school. You usually are too busy with trying to fit in. You adapt. Often showing the real you gets you in trouble. The “norm”, the “average” is your somewhat desired outcome. And maybe, just maybe, THIS triggered my aforementioned fears in the first place.

As adults it seems to be our – sometimes lifelong – quest to rediscover ourselves. But the truth is that this holds the key to our natural happiness. And this has been my endeavour in the recent years. The major impact on me had the insight what my purpose was – being an amplifier. This still is the most empowering discovery in my life. Lifting the veils obscuring me got way easier then because I recognized my goal: Living up to my inner hero.

So how do you awaken the ultimate you, your inner hero? It (usually) doesn’t happen over night, but what can happen at any moment is your decision, that you want to find out. That is the most important part really and from there it is one step at a time:

  1. Get to really know yourself, your strengths and values
  2. Know your kryptonite and find out what’s holding you back
  3. Get clear on your vision, your big WHY
  4. Set up your mission to always know where you go
  5. Find out your unique superpowers
  6. Create your hero’s path and do your magic

Setting out on your inner hero’s journey is the most empowering decision you can make. That is why thoughts or feelings might come up that try to hold you back and turn you away from your path. Don’t listen to them. Instead take them as the sure indicator that you are on the right track.

And if you need any support on your way, there are wonderful guides out there who are willing to help, myself included. All you need to do is reach out.