We all have at some point suffered from lack of sleep at a time when we wanted to. Even though falling asleep can at times not be a problem, we often have some moments when we are not able to catch sleep as desired. Sleep is good and that is why you should endeavor to sleep between seven and nine hours as recommended by researchers. Sometimes, you are not able to catch sleep due to some stressing issues such as your career, finances and so on. All these can be contributory factors to your failure to fall asleep.

In the effort of finding a solution to sleepless moments, studies have shown that sleep meditations are helpful in addressing this problem. Basically, this is a practice of meditation aimed at easing you into falling asleep. This strategy uses time-tested techniques like controlled breathing and visualizing among others. You can experience this via a relaxing meditation track that is guided. The objective with such techniques is to help you sleep well and get you a calming and relaxing experience during the day.

Understanding Sleep Meditation and its Use

There is nothing much needed in sleep meditation other than the willingness to try it. It will not only help you sleep but also lead you to be optimistic and happy. More than that, it helps you deal with anxiety, fatigue, stress, anxiety and insomnia symptoms. It is a low-risk technique of catching sleep that will not produce addictive tendencies like is the case with drug solutions.

Sleep meditation works by activating your brain’s reward center, a part of the human brain with neural pathways for triggering positive emotions. Upon the activation of the reward center, you become joyful and positive, attributes that are good for your sleep. As you meditate, this part of the brain triggers happiness hormones such as serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. These will not only make sure that you fall asleep but will also set a good mood for you when you wake up.  

The ultimate goal of sleep meditation is to induce relaxation and help you focus on your body and specific imagery and thoughts. It is realized through a number of guided techniques as discussed below:

The Visualization Approach

Meditation can also come through visualization. This is a deep meditation practice encountered in a guided program with the help of an expert at each visualization step. The goal is to open your creative mind and prepare it for sleep. An easy way to get started with this is to imagine being in a dream destination, having everything in place.

Mental Body Scan

A mental scan of your body tunes you into it. As you progress with this technique, a focus on each of your body part will create self-awareness and thoughtfulness of sensations in your body. Ultimately, you will get to feel relaxed throughout your body. This is an important technique to apply when sitting up if you feel tensed.

Guided Breathing

This act draws all your devotion to your breath. Basically, you focus while breathing in and follow through as you breathe out to complete the breathing cycle. As you concentrate on this, your mind may begin to wander, which is still okay. These repeated cycles will soon induce sleep to your body system.

Gratitude Meditation

This technique involves focusing on things that you are grateful for. You don’t have to look for big things. Even the small things in your life can make all the difference. Get started with these little ones, they will help you glad and trigger sleep.

Mantras for Meditation

These are phrases or words that help in disconnecting from stressing issues. They cause a shift from these issues as you draw your attention to them. The words get you to greater relaxation as you repeat them. They help you recover strength, serenity and calmness getting your mind back to a stillness state.

Final Thoughts

Sleep is very important in our lives. For that reason, it is important to ensure that we have enough of it. Along with getting sleep accessories from realsleep.com, the sleep meditation technique is very helpful for a restful and calming sleep. Make use of these techniques for low-risk sleep solutions instead of using sleeping medication.


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