A year ago I was between jobs. 

I was interviewing at a few companies. 

I was rising as the top candidate for a few positions. 

The openings were for jobs that I was qualified for and that I had done before.

I was good enough at these jobs.

I visualized myself making a decision about these positions and my heart sunk. 

I had a year of sobriety under my belt. 

I made huge gains in my personal development. 

The result of my efforts, was that I no longer fit into the corporate puzzle.

I couldn’t see myself going back to these jobs that, were never meant for me.

I wanted to do something that made my heart sing. 

I wanted to go back to my social work roots.

I wanted to inspire and help others. 

I wanted to share stories, connect, and create.  

I wanted to work with people that share a passion for mental health.

I took a leap of faith.

I let go of a paycheck.

I decidedly to have relentless belief in myself.

Something I had never done. 

Ditched the Drink was born.

I created a 6 Week Online Course for people, like me, who wanted support, while privately exploring their relationship with alcohol. 

I marketed the class with zero budget and students signed up. 

My Mom was my first student.

Then others started trickling in.

Some people I knew from my past. 

Most people were strangers to start. 

They put their trust in me and enrolled in my course. 

After 6 weeks they reported the benefits of feeling better, saving money, increased confidence, improved health, more sleep, less anxiety, and more inner peace. 

They left glowing reviews of my guidance and resources. 

This fueled me to continue.

I got more experience and 3 more certifications. 

I started coaching people 1×1. 

I watched my clients change their lives and I cheered them on. 

I held their hands in dark moments.

I decided to have relentless belief in them too. 

My business grew.

I overcame my fear and shame and told the corporate world what I was doing.

They invited me to lead alcohol free corporate challenges. 

My business grew.

Other coaches came to me to help grow their businesses too.

I published my writing.

I met my sober idols.

I created my own community of people that support each other in ditching the drink. 

I formed relationships with industry leaders, strategic partners, and new peers as friends.

My business grew.

My learning curve is steep.

Everyday, I create. 

Everyday, I have the flexibility to prioritize my family.

Everyday, I am pushed to believe in myself deeper. 

Everyday, I am challenged.

Everyday, I grow.

It is not comfortable. 

I am full of fear, but I am aligned.

I am at the intersection of what I am great at, and what I love to do. 

I know this to be true, in my bones. 

My business continues to grow every single day.

Today, I met my first annual financial goal. 

This was a huge financial milestone.

I am pleased to say I achieved it two weeks ahead of schedule. 

I have never been happy to make so little in my life. 

I have incredibly hard days.

I carry a lot of responsibility.

I make mistakes.

I get rejected. 

I miss opportunities.

I fail.

I am a beginner.

Always a beginner.

A teacher and student.

A coach and a student.

This, my friends, is the exact experience that qualifies me as a Boss Babe.

Everyday that I go into my real office (not my cloffice) I literally sit at a stoplight, to the left is a job that I was almost offered, to the right is where I am now living my dream. 

To the left was a sure thing, a job that I knew how to do with a reliable paycheck.

To the right is still unfamiliar, unknown, and uncomfortable. 

But is right. 

And it is still right.

Join me in celebrating Ditched the Drink’s humble first year success. 

I invite you to connect with me, grow with me, and yes, also invest in my offerings.