There was a time when nerds were considered to be boring and bookworms. But that’s a thing of past now. Today, nerds are considered cool and hit. If you don’t believe us then have a look at the likes of Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Ryan Gosling. They have – on several occasions – adopted the nerd style as they’re mostly seen wearing specs, dressing up casual, and giving off the cool nerd vibes.

You don’t have to appear nerdy at all times, you could dress up only when you feel like. You need the right clothes, attitude, and accessories to be a cool nerd.
Let’s have a look:

1.Wear Specs
The ‘nerd’ label is closely related to people wearing specs. There’s nothing wrong with wearing specs unless you’re wearing the wrong ones. Many people end up wearing the wrong glasses. They don’t realize the importance of their appearance and end up looking rather unattractive.

This is a big mistake that can cost you a lot. The right thing to do here is to understand the importance of specs and pick a pair that goes well with your face cut and enhances your facial structure.

Start with the frame. The two most popular choices are metal and plastic. We suggest you go for metal frames as they are usually lighter and may turn out to be more durable.

Picking the right specs also involves choosing the right shape. Try all shapes including oval, round, square, etc. The right shape usually depends on your face cut. If you have a long face then round glasses may suit you more, for example. We suggest you try ‘em all one by one and pick one that suits you the best.

In case you’re shopping online, try to use an app that lets you try glasses virtually so that you know what to pick.

The next step is to choose a color. Black seems to be a hot favorite but it should not be your only choice. You may toy with other options as well including gray, white, and even red or yellow. The right one depends on your personality and overall appearance.

If you’re shopping online, then pick a store that offers a wide variety. Our personal favorite is

Firmoo is a brand that deals in all kinds of eyewear. You can get prescribed glasses or sunglasses made from here. You can browse through hundreds of options including bifocals, progressives, anti-scratch resistant, anti-breaking glasses.

In short, you will find everything and anything that you are looking for here. The store is known for offering quality products and is also quite affordable.

2. Come Up With Your Own Style
You no longer have to stick to the old nerd style which involved oiling the hair, closing the topmost button and making it look like you just fought with your hair and forcibly made them stay at one place (on one side).

You need to evolve and adapt to the cool nerd look. Toss out dull and faded shirts out of the window and get some cool outfits. At the end of the day, your clothes define who you are.

It does not matter how good looking you are, if you do not wear the right outfit, you will not look attractive.

The idea is to find a balance between overdoing and doing nothing at all. Do not opt for very flashy clothes. They may backfire and stay away from something that’s too simple as it may look boring.

3. Pay Attention to Accessories

The right accessory can enhance your overall appearance and make you look more attractive. You can invest in a nice watch and cap as well. Bid adieu to boring accessories and introduce some new styles to your personality.

If you go to school or college, then pick a nice backpack as well. It can add a lot to your look and help you stand out from the crowd.

4. Haircut
Don’t overlook the importance of a haircut because it can play a vital role in how you look.

You don’t need to stick to the same hairstyle that you have for years. Get to a salon and ask for a cool haircut. You can take inspiration from celebrities.

However, make sure to pick a style that goes well with your face.

The Conclusion
It doesn’t matter how you look, you can always bring a few changes to your style to appear cool and attractive.