Being a good neighbor is good for your wellbeing and health in every way. You should be courteous and friendly to people living round you.

I used to always hear people say “No man is an island’ and I thought it was a stupid quote because it made no sense to me. I do not recall who finally explained it to me and I understood that indeed no man is an island. Human relations and interactions are very important to everyone. It helps keep you in a good space of mind and existence. People who have nobody to communicate with and discuss with are prone to feel loneliness which in turn can lead to depression. I experienced it first hand as a shy and introverted person, I loved to be on my own, with my own thoughts, but I found that as much as I loved to be alone, I feel exhilarated, happy and joyous when I’m interacting and having fun with family, neighbors and friends. It’s a good feeling.

It is a great as a human being to have good relations wit people around you, being a pleasant person keeps you in a positive space and bring positive vibes and energy toward you which makes for a great mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. A lot of psychologists have said that our mental health is very highly dependent on the quality of our personal relationships.

And these relationships are not only exclusive to family and friends but to the wider community and our neighbors. Connecting with your neighbors and community can give one a high sense of belonging and love which is important to our psyche.

There are a lot of things, connections, and relationships that make up our identity. From family, to friend, to work, to hobbies, to community and even sports, they all collectively form a bond that contribute to our wellbeing emotionally, mentally and physically.

Middle aged and senior neighbours talking at a block party

Having a good relationship with your neighbors is very important for a number of reasons. Your whole well-being generally is interwoven with several factors to achieve a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is not solely dependent on what you eat. When you have interactions with your neighbors and immediate community and form a sense of belonging which is centered around a shared mission or goal, it gives your personal life even more meaning and willpower to be yourself.

Although finding, meeting, reaching out, creating, connecting and maintaining this communal relationship can be a source of tension and worry and as a shy person I know how it feels. That is a problem that is prevailing this generation and one of the reasons social media is so popular. What you do not have the courage to do face to face, you can now do online and take it from there.

I discovered a very interesting and helpful app that has now become quite helpful in my neighbourhood. Bestyn is an app that connects and joins neighbors as a positive community group towards a common goal, helps your keep in touch with your neighbors, interact, send out information and alerts on safety watch, community events, share relevant information and all those other things that neighborhood watch does. It makes it super easy for people to connect with their neighbors, interact, share memories, plan towards a better community and stay updated on the happenings at home and around.

Here are some important reasons why you should start using bestyn and begin a positive relationship with your neighbors and community;

Safety Is Important in Neighborhoods

This is one of the most important reasons why you should know your neighbors. Safety. When you have good relations with your neighbors, they are more likely to watch out for you and alert you of anything suspicious or even call the police at the slightest sign of trouble like a potential theft, attempted break-in, or strange people lurking around your house. And with bestyn app, they can alert you quickly on the app and also let other neighbors know you in trouble for quick help.

Positive Environment Promotes Health

Living with hostile neighbors can create a negative environment and impact on your health. Imagine closing from work after a stressful and hard day, then feeling dread or tensed at the thought of going home. This could have a bad and negative impact on your health over time and lead to other health problems. However, a positive environment promotes good health and wellbeing. When you are happy and positive with your neighbor, you are not likely to feel stressed and tensed interacting with them.

Social Interactions Boost Mental Health

There is a reason why people who are depressed have to pay someone to talk to them, hear their problems and recommend solutions. Interacting with people is important to our mental health and wellbeing. When you interact with people regularly and engage in chit-chat, you are more likely to boost your mental clarity and positivity.

Live a Pleasant Life with Helpful Neighbors

There are a host of other things that being a good neighbor and having good neighbors can earn you. You would be in a good enough space to ask your neighbors for help when you need it, if you are in good relations with them. They could help you out when you lock yourself out of your house, house sitting, pet sitting, baby-sitting, assembling furniture, moving heavy machineries, calling a maintenance person, shoveling your snow, borrowing money, sugar etc.

In fact, being in good relations with your neighbors makes your life so much easier because you would find your self with a host of potential options for whatever you need. Bestyn even ties all these together and they become just one chat away to connect to them and get whatever you need.

So, regardless of if you have been living where you are and haven’t connected yet or you just moved in and thinking of a way to connect, you should start reaching out now to say hello. Developing a good and positive relationship with your neighbor’s could save you headaches and make your home life so much easier and far more pleasant.