Are you struggling to be a perfect parent? Well, parenting is not about perfection, but striving to achieve the best out of your children.

 Good parenting helps protect our children from developing anxietydepression, eating disorders, and drug abuse.

Here, we’ll talk about how to help your child grow up to be a person you like without losing yourself in the process. Parenting will be fulfilling and enjoyable, ones you follow the following steps.

Help your children to be independent

A great parent helps their children to be independent. As a parent you need to teach your child to think independently, let them solve their problems, and believe that they are capable.

Sadly, more parents tend to do things that their kids could do for themselves, to prevent them from being hurt. It is good to let your children learn from their own mistakes.

Do not protect your child from making mistakes, but rather let them know the consequences of their actions.

 Be a firm and positive parent

Most parents find it difficult to be firm with their children. Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. It is vital to affirm your words to your child by actions.

If you say no to something, do not give exceptions later, but let your authority remain as a parent. Children who don’t find authority from their parents while young, at adolescent; they will start looking elsewhere for a code of conduct. This is where they end up in the wrong hands of peer pressure and pop culture.

Without being firm as a parent when your kids are young, they may end up being drunkards and having sex at a very tender age.

Make time for your kids

Are you a working parent with a busy schedule? It has become difficult for parents and kids to get together for a family meal, let alone spend time together. Some children misbehave because they know this is the way to be noticed.

 Children appreciate little and simple things. Take a walk together, write a special note, and put in their lunch box, watch a nice kid movie together, etc. Don’t be too busy with your child.

Make communication a priority

Reason with your children and let them understand why you want them to behave in a certain manner. Children deserve an explanation just as you do.

If there is an issue, sit down with your child and work out on a solution. Give them suggestions and offer choices and be open to their suggestions and choices as well

Be a role model

Taking children to religious services, reading stories about morals, and engaging them in community services is wonderful, but not enough in shaping your child’s character.

Your child is the reflection of who you are. Children tend to copy what they see their parents doing. Instill values into your child by being an example to them.

A lifetime spent with a generous adult creates a generous adult. Elizabeth Berger, a child, and adolescent psychiatrist and author of raising children with character say that “Children learn values long before they can read about them or discuss them. If a child likes and respects you and your values, he will want to embrace your values and make them his own”

As a parent, walk the talk. Don’t just tell your child what you want them to do. Show them.

Have a happy marriage

There are no perfect marriages, but you can have a happy marriage. Children are affected by how their parents are behaving towards each other.

Parents, who are in happy and loving marriages, are more effective and attentive to their children’s needs. Unhappy parents, in contrast, are ineffective when it comes to dealing with children. They are harsh in disciplining their children, resulting to a generation full of anger and vengeance.

Negative talk

Children are hurt by negative talks. Talks such as; ‘you do not know anything’, ‘you are stupid’, May hurt your child more than you may imagine.

 Negative talk leads to low self-esteem, underperformance in school, and a hate of self. Your child may not believe in themselves as well.

 Emotional hurt is hard to heal than physical hurt.

Always be positive to your child. Besides, talk to them in a way that you will encourage them.

Respect your child

The best way to get respectful treatment from your child is to treat him respectfully. Pay attention when your child is speaking to you; give honest and true answers when they ask questions.

Listening to your kids gives them the courage to express themselves in front of others, or even present something in front of a big crowd

Besides, speak politely to them and respect their opinion. Children treat others the way their parents treat them. Also, try to please your children whenever you can.

Love your children

Love is the first and best thing that a child can learn from his parents. Love your children unconditionally; loving them is not the same as spoiling them. Don’t forget to discipline in love.

 Loving your child is not about being materialistic or taking them to big hotels, it’s about your affection to them, your words of affirmation and always using these words ‘I love you’.

 Hug your children, spend quality time together, and listen to their problems seriously.

Children show love when they are loved. This gives them the confidence to face the outside world and also raises their self-esteem.


Parenting is not easy. It comes with its responsibilities and hardships, but it can be rewarding and fulfilling, ones you set your mind and make the decision of raising a responsible generation. Respect your children, love them unconditionally, be a role model to them, and be firm in your actions. Make communication a priority, and teach them to be independent. Correct your kids when they make mistakes and show them the best way to do it.